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  1. eclark53520

    Blackhawk Country Club, Madison Wisconsin

    https://www.blackhawkcc.com/ So I got to play at this club with a co-worker of mine. We have a guy we're trying to hire in town, so we took him out to the course. First, the clubhouse is amazing. Tremendous views of Lake Mendota from the bar and the patio where we had lunch. Speaking of...
  2. eclark53520

    Some heroes don't wear capes.

    I always thought this saying was bullshit...until I saw this: Now I believe.
  3. eclark53520

    Need new(to me) iron and bag suggestions...

    So, it's been 2 years since my irons and bag were ruined in an unfortunate series of events that ended with them soaking in battery acid for a while...... Any who, I haven't been following the golf equipment scene since I bought that set of irons from Doc. I loved those irons. They were...
  4. eclark53520

    The Legacy Club at Alaqua Lakes; Orlando Area

    Just got back from visiting family in Orlando area. My Brother in law happens to be a member at Heathrow CC and got me on as a guest at The Legacy Club. First off, this is my first private golf course experience and it was pretty great. The course itself wasn't incredibly difficult in my...
  5. eclark53520

    Daughters first deer!

    I believe it was 5 years ago when I first took my daughter out hunting with the intent being her killing her first deer. She would have been 11. She shot all summer and I felt confident she could ethically kill a deer at up to 80 yards or so. Took her out a few times and ended up getting her...
  6. eclark53520

    Anyone into bicycles?

    So, I want to get a bike for several reasons... 1. Commuting. We're doing a lot of baseball practices/games and it's only a couple miles away, driving the car down there 3-5 days a week seems like a waste. Plus going to the grocery store/gas station for little things would make more sense on...
  7. eclark53520

    What's new and go to first unread issues

    Before the update(looks great btw) when viewing the "what's new" or "New Posts" list, clicking on the thread title would take you to the first unread post in the thread. That was a fantastic feature and 99% of my forum viewing is done via the "What's new". I know I can click the last page of...
  8. eclark53520

    Good news, Everyone!

    They didn't ban me during the upgrade!
  9. eclark53520

    We have some doctors here right? Question for you

    So, there's this argument in the hunting world that there is a 'dead zone' or 'no mans land' in a deer that exists below the spine and above the lungs where hunters can zip an arrow through the rib cage, hit no vital organ, and the deer lives and heals with seemingly no issues. Do the lungs...
  10. eclark53520

    Bad news; good news

    Bad news: My wife put an old car battery that I had lying around in the garage for a while in the trunk of my car. I knew she did this because she told me 'I'm going to put that battery in the car and take it down to NAPA'. I said, OK, go for it. Weeks later, I throw my clubs in the trunk...
  11. eclark53520

    Plans for Independence Day?

    What y'all got goin on? Since we bought a house right on the parade route in town, we're having a bunch of friends/family over to watch the parade and have a cookout. I have a prime brisket going on the smoker tonight, a bounce house is being delivered tomorrow for the kids, I'll fire up the...
  12. eclark53520

    Snake Security

  13. eclark53520

    Official: 2019 Squad Sizzle/Fizzle

    Each contestant(you) gets to pick 3 golfers to sizzle, and another 3 golfers to fizzle. Pick 3 PGA Tour professional golfers to Sizzle, this means you believe their WGR 'Average points' will increase between now and the end of the PGA season. Pick 3 PGA Tour professional golfers to Fizzle...
  14. eclark53520

    GOT EEM!!!!

  15. eclark53520

    Black Mountain Golf Course

    Got back from my Asheville NC vacation yesterday, going through the photos and uploaded my pictures from the round of golf I played at this course. Overall I really liked the course. Wasn't real long, but there was a par 6 at 676 yards from the whites that we played. Over 700 from the tips...
  16. eclark53520

    Company Tournament...WE WON!!

    Finally! My 5th year at the company, and my 5th company tournament, and we finally won. Rain on and off, fairways were absolutely soaked, greens were like putting on shag carpet they were so slow. 6 under won it. What do we get? Each member got a $100 amazon gift card, pretty sweet. We get...
  17. eclark53520

    My new ride

    No...this isn't a thread about MC's daughter... It's about my new-to-me 2012 Ducati 848 EVO (not Corse as the bottom fairing suggests...) It was raining during my test drive, but this thing is absolutely amazing. I'm pumped to get some miles on this thing over the summer. Drove down to...
  18. eclark53520

    I made this

    Should I drink it?
  19. eclark53520

    2018 Squad Sizzle/Fizzle

    ***CHANGES BELOW*** We are now doing a squad!! Each contestant(you) gets to pick 3 golfers to sizzle, and another 3 golfers to fizzle. Pick 3 PGA Tour professional golfers to Sizzle, this means you believe their WGR 'Average points' will increase between now and the end of the PGA season...
  20. eclark53520


    Anybody else into or thinking about getting into it? Been big news lately... Really wish I would have gotten into back when I heard about it...probably too late now.