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  1. ManchesterGolfer

    Callaway Driver question for R35

    The loft's have changed with the new line Pal. The Razr Hawk non-Tour's are now half lofts as well as the Tour's, probably the same with the Octane's. I've recieved my Razr Hawk Tour today, it arrived whilst I was out on the course playing with Barkz. I borrowed his FT Tour and hit it very well...
  2. ManchesterGolfer

    Guess who's still No. 1?

    I see what your saying but this Tiger is a different Tiger from last time he was replaced at the top last time it was when will tiger be back to #1... This time Westwood currently has it and there are a whole host of players in line who could make a charge at it over the next 12 months exciting...
  3. ManchesterGolfer

    Guess who's still No. 1?

    This time last year I had never heard of Dustin Johnson. I don't watch the US Tour week in, week out but I watch all the WGC's, Major's and quite a few of the other events. Westwood has had solid results over the past 2-3 years which add up to his #1 Ranking. If Johnson has another year or two...
  4. ManchesterGolfer

    Guess who's still No. 1?

    Dustin Johnson #2, really? Kaymer is right up there but I'd personally have Gmac above him, and Poultz if it's on current form over the past month or so. The rankings are done over a two year period to see who's the most consistant, not streaky player in the world. Westwood has a great game, is...
  5. ManchesterGolfer

    Guess who's still No. 1?

    LOL, Nobody's heard of South Africa? Maybe a little more Geography should be studied by people who have never heard of South Africa. Player, Goosen, Els, may ring a bell for those struggling for a clue. Maybe the US based Golf writers are struggling to find something to write about. PM won the...
  6. ManchesterGolfer

    Guess who's still No. 1?

    So Jack is the best golfer in the World until somebody overtakes him, if your going by Major's? I'll put my money on Westwood over Jack if they play a game tomorrow. In fact I'd take Westy over anybody including Gmac, Kaymer, Tiger and his bouncer, Furyk, anyone. He may not have won a Major but...
  7. ManchesterGolfer

    Gmac and Kaymer joint European Tour players off the year.

    LOL love it!!! BTW, I've heard rumor's that Gmac is moving to Cleveland/Srixon next season? I think it would be a silly thing for him to do after the season he's just had..... It's not the Arrow it's the Indian I know, but straight arrows with good flights that suit you sure help!!! If I was...
  8. ManchesterGolfer

    Gmac and Kaymer joint European Tour players off the year.

    Both have had great season's but for me Gmac has had the best year, for me the crown would have gone to him alone. He's great too watch and has battling quality's that match anyone in the world. I loved the Ryder Cup when he was playing with McIlroy, McIlroy put his approach on 18 in the Water...
  9. ManchesterGolfer

    Callaway Tour Authentic X-Prototype irons at 60% discount

    These are a great set, feel, look, trajectory are superb and they are the easiest Blade type iron I've ever used. EDIT;- I only sold these as I was skint having finished work and didn't have a job lined up!
  10. ManchesterGolfer

    The driver you wish you never sold

    Mine is a Mizuno MP001 460, 10 degree with a Aldila NVS in Reg. I remember hitting this driver very well when I 1st got it from a relativly low tee. One day on our 16th hole I'd hit a drive which carried over the bowl in the fairway which is 250 yards to carry. I was pleased with the drive and...
  11. ManchesterGolfer

    New Equipment for 2011 Thread

    I'm 100% settled on my bag for 2011 and can NOT be tempted by any new stuff.... apart from maybe a new driver, irons, wedge's, putter and bag, everything else is completely settled. I will be demoing the Titleist 910 drivers, they look very nice in the black finish.
  12. ManchesterGolfer

    Inazone B Chest Putter

    Broomhandle putters are real easy to use. I gamed one for around 18 months a few years ago with great sucsess (a STX sync it was). As you say deadly from inside 6ft and I find lag putting quite easy with it as well. I've just bought a Bettinardi Roc & Roll 49" Broomhandle and have played two...
  13. ManchesterGolfer

    new #1 alert!

    Westwood has been the most consistant golfer in the world over the past two years, he could have easily had a couple of Major's in the bag if he had a few breaks down the stretch. He's a top fella and has a great game, best driver of a ball I've seen in a long time. He's a credit to the game and...
  14. ManchesterGolfer

    Congrats to Europe

    Haha, they were horrendous tops that somebody designed for them.... Probably the same people who made the non water proof, water proofs they had in Wales this time around... trust me one thing you need Golfing in Wales in October is a good set of water Proof's!
  15. ManchesterGolfer

    Congrats to Europe

    LOL, I think it's more the way you celebrated at Brookline, great comeback, I mean superb golf. Think it's more the fact your team and wives and camera men were running and jumping all over the green when Olazabal still had a putt to half. Win then celebrate by all means and celebrate as large...
  16. ManchesterGolfer

    So how much Ryder Cup did you watch?

    Missed the 1st hour and half on Friday, listened to it on the Radio whilst doing the rounds at work. Watched all the evening play on the Friday. Watched all Saturdays matches in the evening (recorded it all, whilst I was out). Watched most of Sunday but flicked between the Ryder Cup and Football...
  17. ManchesterGolfer

    Ryder Cup early rants

    I'd rather have golf people inside the ropes with the players, people like Clarke, McGinley, Bjorn & even Sergio. Faldo's biggest mistake was surronding the team and himself with non golfing people,,, Faldo had his son and DJ Spooney as vice Captain/Spotters for him ffs, what do they know about...
  18. ManchesterGolfer

    Paul, Fisher putters

    So do the STX putters.... If it works for you thats all you can ask for and all anyone's really looking for, I just like pulling your leg!!! BTW, it was a Yes Sophia which your Pal Furyk just won the playoff's with, I actually have one in my spare clubs somewhere?!?!
  19. ManchesterGolfer

    Swing thoughts

    because your strange? It doesn't really matter though pal if it works it works! You still using TLT'd irons?
  20. ManchesterGolfer

    Paul, Fisher putters

    It's the fact they are $hit which makes them $hit, nothing to do with where they are sold!!! I've actually had a go of the other fella who bought one in the UK and it is mushy as fcuk off the face, very hard to control distance with. You probably like that as it deaden's that twitch you have...