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  1. ManchesterGolfer

    Gmac and Kaymer joint European Tour players off the year.

    Both have had great season's but for me Gmac has had the best year, for me the crown would have gone to him alone. He's great too watch and has battling quality's that match anyone in the world. I loved the Ryder Cup when he was playing with McIlroy, McIlroy put his approach on 18 in the Water...
  2. ManchesterGolfer

    FT3 Has been ditched to the back up bag!!! Hello Swoosh!

    I've ditched the FT3 Tour! It's takin a back seat in my backup / spare bag. I played with Barkz on thursday and hit it fairly well but boy did I suffer with it on my away day Friday. Not one good drive all day, just kept leaking to the left. I played with a pal of mine who has a VR STR8 fit...
  3. ManchesterGolfer

    Still lovin the FT3

    I've been searching for a new driver for the past month or so. I liked my FT Tour but just didn't trust it for a full round, every now and then I'd throw a snap hook in with it which would wreck my round. I have since tried, FT9 & FTiZ Tour I-mix heads with various shafts, FT5 TH and FTi LCG...
  4. ManchesterGolfer

    Any experiance with a Vega DAF driver

    Has anybody hit one of the Vega DAF drivers? Apparently it comes with a ltd edition Matrix FM shaft. I can do a deal for one in exchange for a Titleist 503i utility iron, looks like a high spec driver might be worth it for the shaft alone, has anybody hit one?
  5. ManchesterGolfer

    Matrix question?

    Whats the difference in a Xcon and a Code shaft? I had a Xcon 7 and liked it, I have seen a Imix Code 7 for a decent price. What are the main difference's in profile, feel and performance?
  6. ManchesterGolfer

    WTB Matrix Stiff or Strong flex 70+ Grams.

    Anybody have a spare Matrix? I'm looking for a Xcon 7 for driver but will consider any Matrix to be honest. Let me know what you have and how much you want inc postage to the UK, Cheers MG.
  7. ManchesterGolfer

    Cheap Diamana WhiteBoard's wiyh Flowerbands.

    I've noticed that 3balls has a lot of Callaway Optifit Drivers for sale with Diamana WhiteBoard Flowerband shafts. They have free US & Canada postage with the buy it nows. You even get a left handed x460 head into the bargain. Worth picking them up for the shaft, pull the opti fit adaptor and...
  8. ManchesterGolfer

    Iron shaft's

    I'm returning the 710 AP2's I custom ordered from my Pro for Christmas. We did a fitting and standard loft & lie with the shafts 1/4 inch shorter was the spec we agreed upon. I asked if they could make them a swingweight heavier. When they arrived I asked if they we're a swing weight heavier and...
  9. ManchesterGolfer

    Hogan Apex Plus ~ Ho'd a bargain even 'Purple Cocked' Dave couldn't resist :-)

    I just picked up a superb set of Hogans for a steal! They are Hogan Apex Plus, no chrome wear, no dings, minor bag chatter, some paint fill loss, original apex shafts #3 flex, no pitting, all shaft bands in good nick, original spalding/golf pride/Hogan grips in decent condition 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6...
  10. ManchesterGolfer

    V2 Prototype shafts?

    What do you guys rekon on these? RARE UST V2 Tour Prototype! Stiff Flex - 96 grams on eBay (end time 23-Jan-10 10:52:28 GMT) or these RARE UST V2 CB Tour Prototype 78 gram Stiff Flex on eBay (end time 23-Jan-10 10:35:37 GMT) I'm still searching for something a little different for a decent...
  11. ManchesterGolfer

    Callaway FT9 Tour issued head ~ What shaft?

    I treated myself to a Tour issue FT9 Tour head. The Diamana BlueBoard is a favorite shaft of mine but I'm looking for a lower launching shaft this time around. I wouldn't mind trying the WhiteBoard but they are expensive. What else is there at a fair price that launches a little lower than a...
  12. ManchesterGolfer

    Mizuno Bettinardi new putters.

    If it was a Scotty Cameron there would be a hell of a lot of buzz around the new BC7 putter and I'd be buying one. I love Napa style putters but the new Scotty Napa's have to much offset, this looks just about perfect and the black finish is very nice. If it was a Scotty I'd be all over it for...
  13. ManchesterGolfer

    Ping Rapture V2...

    Anybody hit the V2 Rapture? I had a V1 briefly and it was a beast (but fell apart within a week). I've heard good things about the V2's ballspeed. I've been offered a swap deal which would get me a 9.5 degree WRX'd V2 fitted with a BlueBoard 63 x-stiff. It's a driver I wouldn't mind trying...
  14. ManchesterGolfer

    Tiger Woods car crash?

    Just heard that Tiger Woods has had a car accident just after 0200 this morning. Mixed reports some say he's seriously injured others say he has been released from Hospital. Reports also say crash not drink related but charges are pending. Apparently the accident happened outside his house, he...
  15. ManchesterGolfer

    Martin Kaymer switch to TM.

    I noticed a few weeks back that Martin Kaymer is now using TaylorMade clubs (or at least wearing there hat and using there staff bag). I knew he was a Titleist staffer last seaon and though it was strange that I'd not noticed the switch before. Today I have been watching the Race to Dubai final...
  16. ManchesterGolfer

    Tour issue 8.5* Nike SQ SuMo2 with Diamana BB73x (UK)

    I got this last week after giving up on finding a SQ tour. I played Acarty's home course on Friday with it and it was superb. It took me 3 or 4 holes to get bedded in with it but after that it was a point and shoot machine, not the longest driver I've ever had but a good blend of distance and...
  17. ManchesterGolfer

    My budget bag...

    ...I've sold off all my expensive & most of my spare clubs and put together a bag on a budget. I currently have £600 in my Paypal account plus 4 other drivers still to sell. This will pay for my little lads Christmas presents (and mine off him). :) Out have gone my FT9 Tour I-Mix with BB &...
  18. ManchesterGolfer

    It's been a long wait but...

    ..it was worth it. I bought a putter from the classified section on a putter forum about 3 weeks ago. It was sent via USPS snail mail, it must have come over the pond by boat as it's been that slow! It's eventually arrived this morning and I'm made up with it. :D I've had this style putter...
  19. ManchesterGolfer

    WTB Nike SQ Tour with Diamana BB x Or WB s

    Anybody have one of these in there back up bag or know a local shop that has one? Ideally I'm after a SQ Tour with a BlueBoard X Flex or WhiteBoard in Stiff or a SuMo2 Tour for that matter. I would also go for either head only if it hasn't got the shaft I desire! Cheers MG.
  20. ManchesterGolfer

    Anti left driver? Best option

    I want a driver that doesn't like to go left. I did some trades over on Golfwrx this week and got a FT3 Tour Fade bias driver. I used it in today's comp and hit it very well, nice little draw. The only problem is that there is not much foegivness with the FT3 compared to some of the newer...