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  1. SplooGe

    And so it begins

    True story. The hottest weather I'm been in was 126, but most miserable I've been in was in Madison, WI, 103 with 94% Humidity.
  2. SplooGe

    And so it begins

    Since I upgraded I don't worry about it until 5%.
  3. SplooGe

    And so it begins

  4. SplooGe

    Hey folks! New member here.

    I won't ask for it, but I'm not turning it down either.
  5. SplooGe

    Wishon 550 C/M set 3-PW

    If Jim doesn't want them I'll take the 3 iron.
  6. SplooGe

    Old Pics from Wisconsin Shot Talker outings

    From what I remember the Blues Brothers were Zaphod and his son.
  7. SplooGe

    Is it me?

    Good deal, only firm plans I have is the Dodgers v Mariners are 1 in Peoria, if you want to go or get together after.
  8. SplooGe

    Is it me?

    AZ, I'll be in Scotsdale for about 36 hours the 15th & 16th. Staying near TPC Scottsdale. If you have some free time let me know. I'm not Rock so you won't have to hide the sheep or your b-hymen. Also, anything I should miss besides the Dodgers/Mariners game?
  9. SplooGe

    best you tube vids

  10. SplooGe

    Obscure movie quotes

    "what's with the knife? we having cake or something?"
  11. SplooGe

    Trade offer

    I've turned into a lurker. Still check the site 4-5x a week.
  12. SplooGe

    Trade offer

    I'll trade you the Wishon for a Geek DCT 9* with an Accuflex Creation 65s.
  13. SplooGe

    Gallbladder removal - anyone had theirs out?

    Had my removed 10/6. At the follow up the Dr said I had 29 stones max diameter of 12mm. The recovery is pretty easy. I worked from home the first 4 days after surgery and was back in the office the following Monday. Kept a bland diet the first couple of weeks after surgery and haven't had any...
  14. SplooGe

    What's for dinner?

    I'll snap some pics at the tacqueria.
  15. SplooGe

    What's for dinner?

    Sour cream and lettuce? What kinda Mexican are you? Tacos need 6 things, 2 grilled tortillas, meat, onion, cilantro, lime and salsa. And I have a gyro and some crappy thin hummus from the restaurant by the hotel I'm staying at.
  16. SplooGe

    ShotTalk Fantasy Football

    What time? It's my dad's birthday and I'm not sure what the plan for that is yet.
  17. SplooGe


    With a 13* driver no less.
  18. SplooGe

    ShotTalk Fantasy Football

    I'll play. Haven't done FF in a few years. h2h or roto, PPR as well?
  19. SplooGe

    Dustin Johnson Quitting Golf.

    Who's getting a sheep for Rocks reward?