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    My yearly plea for help

    I've been retired from for about a month now. I was going backwards skill-wise and couldn't take it. I was swinging a club in my backyard yesterday and realized I don't turn my hips. My swing is all arms and thats the reason my distance is woeful. I end up sliding my hips back or when I...
  2. D

    fun golf game. sorry if repost

    Tiger's Transgressions | Flash Games | Animation | Atom
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    Need to get longer off the tee

    I can hit my driver pretty straight when I'm on my game but I don't get a lot of distance. I get a lot of "nice shot" when the ball leaves my club but then it seems to just die. It always seems like it's gonna go farther then it does. I use a macgregor eyeomatic or mactec. I play a bridgestone...
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    golf bag question

    OK, I 've had this golf bag for a few years. When I bought it, it had a plastic golf ball included in one of the pockets like this one. So I assumed that would be the pocket I keep my extra balls in. As you can see there's a zipper at the top and a hole on the side. Whats the hole on the side...
  5. D

    Should I wear a glove?

    Some guy told me that if you don't wear a glove, you are holding your club too tight. I only use a glove if it's rained and my hands and grips are wet. Does your club fly out of your hand if you don't have a glove on?
  6. D

    Golf survey

    If you had to play with generic equipment except for one of the items below. Which would you take? 1. Driver 2. irons 3. wedges 4. putter 5. ball go ahead and rank the order of importance to you.
  7. D

    GPS problem (question 1)

    Has anyone else started using a GPS and find out you don't hit the ball as far as you thought:eek: All my irons are shorter.
  8. D

    Training aids

    I don't know the name of it but looks like a kite or something that attaches to your club for wind drag or something. I seen some on sale and wanted to know if any of you have tried it. I'll try to find a pic or something. OK the one I saw attaches to the club and about a quarter of what this...
  9. D

    Shot my best ever, an 86

    Don't laugh. I play about 4 times a month usually just nine holes. I may get to the range about once every other week. I get about a good 5 months of golf weather where I live. I been playing for about 4 years. Am I progressing slow? or is that about what I should expect from the time I...
  10. D

    antislice technique

    A few years ago I took a lesson and the instructor showed me how to cure a slice to get me through a round. Now It's killing me that I can't recall it. It's not the putting your right leg back or strengthening your grip. it's on the tip of my tongue so to speak. It will drive me crazy if I...
  11. D

    spoiled sport or legit gripe?

    I just played the worst 18 (actually 16, I quit) of my life. This course was a monster-- small fairways, water up and down the left and right. What ticks me off is this course does not give you a hole layout with your scorecard. There is a small sign on some of the holes but they are at the...
  12. D

    Am I the only person who can't figure out Igolf Neo?

    Getting close to playing my first round so I decide to try and download some courses. I've had it for a while but as you can see I was nervous about even trying it. I hate these downloading, syncing devices. Anyhow I download a course in the default notepad and all i get is a bunch of gobbly...
  13. D

    ping irons question

    I have heard nothing but good things about them. I'm now hearing about different color dots that fit players games better. Can some one further explain or possibly post some links to good info. I just switched to Mozilla and it won't let hardly any websites through. I tried the ping site but...
  14. D

    questions about GPS's

    I been reading about those igolf neo gps and plan on getting one. I'm not a good enough golfer to appreciate all the bells and whistles of more expensive units. I know nothing about gps at all. Do they work right out of the box or do I need to get a subscription first? I play no more then...
  15. D

    Does this bother anyone else?

    Maybe i'm just a grouch but I have seen this twice now and it ticks me off. I was in a golf store today looking at some golf balls when a salesman who was helping someone with putters comes over and opens a box of golf balls to let some guy practice a putter with. What if someone grabbed that...
  16. D

    To you folks who sell on Ebay

    Do you guys do OK? Is it a pain? I ask because I am going to China and I hear they have all kinds stuff a very low prices. I have bought DVD's on ebay from china and they were fine. Just the words on the box were chinese. I thought about loading up on some. I'm gonna try to find me some...
  17. D

    who would play John Daly in a movie?

    A buddy and I always end up playing this game with sports figures. I watched a show about JD last night and now it's consuming me a bit. The best I could come up with is Kiefer Southerland in a fat suit.
  18. D

    any legal eagles here?

    This just crossed my mind so I thought i'd toss it out here. I'm having a get together at my house soon. Some of the guest thought about playing some golf since there is a course about 2 minutes walking distance from my house. It's an short 18 hole walking course. My question is A friend of...
  19. D

    Noodle Ice

    I know there is a thread about them already, I like them a lot. I can't seem to find them anymore. On occasion I luck upon the different color pack, but I prefer the white ones which are no where to be found. are they discontinued?
  20. D

    Anyone planned a golf outing?

    I'm trying set one up and would like some advice. This is what I have so far. Hopefully someone could improve it and /or add to it. I have a course and a few dates i'm looking at. They will provide hamburgers and hotdogs, chips etc. They are asking 30 bucks per person for 18 holes and a cart...