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  1. footballking732

    My Entire Bag Needs to Go

    Driver- Taylormade Burner 9.5 RE-AX Superfast S 100 shipped 3 wood- R7 TP 15* Redboard 73X 130 shipped Hybrid- Titleist 585-H 19* Aldila NV 85 S 80 shipped 4-9-Mizuno MP 30 DGS300 PW- Mizuno MP 60 DGS300 Putter- Scotty Cameron Newport Studio Style 1.5 150 shipped Wedges- TM Rac Satin TP 52*...
  2. footballking732

    Golfsmith $25 Gift Card

    Hey guys, its been awhile. Well i just got this Golfsmith $25 gift card that i dont want, and id like to sell it for $20 flat. I can email you the code and pin and everything. Think of this as $5 off. If you want to use it in-store i will have to charge $1 for shipping. Thanks! FBK...
  3. footballking732

    Need to Sell Entire Bag.. Please Help

    So i was planning on quitting golf as time for it has decreased, as well as funds. Last week however was the nail in the coffin as i got into a moderate car accident. No damage done to me or my body, but damage done to my parents car. I need to pay them to have it fixed, and i need cash asap...
  4. footballking732

    The Im Quitting Golf Sale

    Im quitting golf because i used to shoot around par for 18 holes. Now im struggling to break 120, and thats no exaggeration. I simply dont have time time to do a swing overhaul and i cannot keep playing this god awful. So im quitting. Everything in my bag is for sale. I dont really have time...
  5. footballking732

    1 year anniversary

    Well its coming up for me and the gf. Ive never hit anything past 3 months with anyone else so this is special. Im the kinda guy that has alot of random hookups, and not many steady relationships. So, ive never had to do a 1 year anniversary before. Its October 18, and that seems like ages away...
  6. footballking732

    Driving and Cops

    I was reading the jobs thread in this forum and it reminded me of something that always happens to me... I have had my license since i was 17, always in MD as i have always lived in MD. I got it when i was still with my parents and i wasnt too careful about stuff, ie breaking all the...
  7. footballking732

    Fs: FT5, Mizuno MP-32's, Taylormade rescue TP

    I am selling these for a friend. Mizuno Mp-32 3-PW... DGS300. Id rate 8/10. lamkin grips. $355 FT-5 10* Draw. Regular Flex Fuji 150 shaft. Like new id rate 9.5 out of 10. $225 Taylormade 1 hybrid. Rescue TP model. 15* loft. RE-AX stiff flex shaft. Id rate 9/10. $110
  8. footballking732

    Circuit City Gift Card + Dave Pelz putting and shortgame books

    I have a circuit city gift card with exactly $74.18 on it. The problem is that i dont need any electronics right now, i want many but i need to downsize as it is. So lets say $65 shipped for it. Good deal as they go on ebay for usually exactly face value, sometimes more(crazy i think though...
  9. footballking732

    Completely Cleaning house... Drivers, wedges, shafts, fairways

    First up for sale- TaylormadeR7 425, upgraded afternarket Grafalloy Blue Stiff shaft. 9.5 loft. Decade Grip. Id say 8/10 condition, there is a small mark on the top of the crown, not quite a skymark but a mark nonetheless. There is also one ball mark(almost like i used impact tape or...
  10. footballking732

    A prayer request

    Not to keep up with the sudden ST news drama, but i would appreciate some prayer requests from you guys. My aunt has been suffering through breast cancer, which is magnified by the fact that it was found late. Last summer they operated on it, but she is suffering through agonizing chemo and has...
  11. footballking732

    Wilmington Dilemna

    The folks and i are headed down to Wilmington, NC for an extended weekend. Unfortunately we are driving down from D.C and the car is already packed full with the old hags(my endearing term for my mother haha) bags arent helping, possible due to them being ridiculously huge. Just think of the big...
  12. footballking732

    Rocks Favorite(and some of his least favorite)...

    Guess what i just pulled the trigger for off of the 'bay? Hint, look at the title, and then i will tell you that it is going to go in my Burner to compete with the R7 425. Also many other new additions. Mizuno MP-60 PW to replace the MP-30 PW(it had a rock ding). Im hoping it improves accuracy...
  13. footballking732

    Instructions for reshafting?

    I know lyle said that he would get dave some reshafting step by step instructions. I am trying to cut costs(and do it as a hobby) and start reshafting for myself. Could someone post the items that i should buy to get started as well as those step by step instructions?
  14. footballking732

    Shaft Puller Help

    I need to buy a shaft puller. But i can be spending all too much money. Whats the cheapest one that will get it done? And, im assuming that you dont need a shaft puller to pull steel shafts, correct?
  15. footballking732

    The Burner Killer

    I think that my new r7 425 just might take out the mighty Burner. Man this combo is longggg. I never thought that i had the SS, or at least i never thought that i could bring it hard enough to handle an X flex. But i was wrong. Ive actually never even had my SS measured. The X flex has...
  16. footballking732

    Xbox 360 Premium Bundle( 15 games, 3 controllers, and System w/ HDD)

    Up for sale is a used Microsoft Xbox 360, with 15 included games(to be listed below), a play and charge kit, and 3 controllers(with 2 of them being wireless and 1 wired). Also I will include a decent sized Ethernet cord to connect up to Xbox live. Original box will be included. Games...
  17. footballking732

    FS:Burner, 2 Callaway Warbirds, and a TM headcover signed by the pros

    For sale i have a Burner Retail 9.5 driver. It has the stock reax superfast 50g shaft, and the stock burner grip(grip is in great condition). Comes with headcover, and the club condition is 9/10. Im really looking to trade the Burner, the bag is all set except for the driver slot. Looking to...
  18. footballking732

    WTB: Shaft Puller

    I want to buy a shaft puller. Simple as that lol :laugh:
  19. footballking732

    Piper lol

    i was thumbing through the equipment review forum, and i found this nugget i wish i had $5 for every time that a ST'er was in denial about their clubs.. lol
  20. footballking732

    R7 TP Deal on ebay. First to PM

    As the title says, i have found an amazing deal on an r7 tp 15* 3 wood off of ebay. It is not my own auction, but i am posting it in hopes that somebody will want it and bid on it. specs are rifle project x 6.5 shaft. The first to PM me will get the link to the auction, but if you look it over...