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  1. LyleG

    Show Your Ugly Mug...

    She’s a real sweetheart. Currently trying to teach her to golf. She loves it, but is having a tough time.
  2. LyleG

    Show Your Ugly Mug...

  3. LyleG

    Show Your Ugly Mug...

  4. LyleG

    Been a while

    driver - Titleist TS2 8.5 set at 7.75* with a GD tour ad di-6x 3 wood - Titleist 13* 980f accra tour z stiff 5 wood - Titleist 16.5* 975f tour trax 80 stiff irons are acer xp905 with some budget shaft I have always loved witha weird step pattern. I cant even remember the name I have had them so...
  5. LyleG

    Been a while

    not really, don’t have the time. Mostly just tinker with my own gear. Would love to get back into it. Time will tell
  6. LyleG

    Rickie’s Stache? Yes or No??

    The stache is as gangster as it gets. Makes me want one
  7. LyleG

    Been a while

    Haven’t been here is ages. Still recognize a few names. Hope everyone is doing well. Golf game is better than ever. Damn I miss this place
  8. LyleG

    WTB matrix ozik Code 6

    I am looking for a good condition driver length Matrix Ozik Code 6. The original one not the 6.1 or 6.2 I am looking for the first release matte finish one from quite a few years back. If anyone has one, or a line on one please let me know. I would prefer an R flex, but will take an S in a pinch
  9. LyleG

    my 5 year old hitting balls

    Not when you already have a garage full of it:p
  10. LyleG

    Hand Mades Worth Checking Out

    That DE is gorgeous. I would drop $500 for that
  11. LyleG

    my 5 year old hitting balls

    All i know for certain is that he's my wifes ;). Being a lefty is a good sign though....
  12. LyleG

    my 5 year old hitting balls

    yes, still doing it on a daily basis. I have been commissioned to do a project for the city here, had a local gallery show and do a lot of wedding work. My commercial painting company is still my bread and butter however.
  13. LyleG

    my 5 year old hitting balls

    He's a chip off the old block ;)
  14. LyleG

    Woods Not Catching Nicklaus' Major Record

    Call me a heretic but I think Tiger still bests Jack. A move back to butch, and one last late career push. The only big if is if his body hold out.
  15. LyleG

    Lie angles

    Lie angle needs to be measured dynamically. The static position is irrelevant.
  16. LyleG

    Maybe Sergio just likes fried chicken...?

    I for one am sick of people vilifying fried chicken. Besides isn't Tiger 75% Asian?
  17. LyleG

    Hey folks

    Long time no see. All is well on this end, and i hope you all can say the same. My kids are at the age now where i might get to play some golf this year, now if the weather would cooperate. Hope to spend a bit more time here again. Lyle
  18. LyleG

    Been a while

    Hope everyone here is doing well. I have golfed a grand total of 27 holes this year and might get lucky enough to play another 18 if all goes well. Been busy as hell with my business this year. We just built a new shop and have taken on some extremely huge projects this year. Stress is at an all...
  19. LyleG

    My new wheels

    I thought for sure this was going to be a pic of a motorized scooter
  20. LyleG

    New Illegal golf balls

    just a little vasoline on the club face will work even better, straight every time. I know a few oldtimers who have their towels loaded with vasoline and wipe their driver faces before every tee shot. No one ever suspects a thing.