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  1. LyleG

    Been a while

    Haven’t been here is ages. Still recognize a few names. Hope everyone is doing well. Golf game is better than ever. Damn I miss this place
  2. LyleG

    WTB matrix ozik Code 6

    I am looking for a good condition driver length Matrix Ozik Code 6. The original one not the 6.1 or 6.2 I am looking for the first release matte finish one from quite a few years back. If anyone has one, or a line on one please let me know. I would prefer an R flex, but will take an S in a pinch
  3. LyleG

    my 5 year old hitting balls

    He's a chip off the old block ;)
  4. LyleG

    Hey folks

    Long time no see. All is well on this end, and i hope you all can say the same. My kids are at the age now where i might get to play some golf this year, now if the weather would cooperate. Hope to spend a bit more time here again. Lyle
  5. LyleG

    Been a while

    Hope everyone here is doing well. I have golfed a grand total of 27 holes this year and might get lucky enough to play another 18 if all goes well. Been busy as hell with my business this year. We just built a new shop and have taken on some extremely huge projects this year. Stress is at an all...
  6. LyleG

    My newest gear addition

    We call him Erik Karl ;) Born May 5, 7lbs8oz, 21 inches long and everyone doing great.
  7. LyleG

    A few of the boy

    Got out with the boy today and did a bunch of snowmobile cruising and a bit of ice fishing with grandpa. Here are a few shots of the boy on the lake and one chillin afterwards.
  8. LyleG


    Anyone here have one? I just started a photography one photogenyk studios and am curious if anyone else has anything going on. Seems like a good way to keep me busy and will force me to get out and take photos.
  9. LyleG

    a few shots from yesterday

    Got a new toy that I am able to carry everywhere without reservation. The best part is that it has a full size DSLR sensor yet still fits in my pocket. The lens is a bit wide for my liking (16mm prime) but it is better than too long. The Spence Building The Urinal ATM
  10. LyleG

    tour of an abandoned grain elevator

    this place was left for dead in 1983, and time, weather, vandals and an asortment of critters have turned it into quite the mess. Here is what she looks like and lastly, a nice big pile of pigeon shit, there are places the shit is a foot deep and covers 20-30ft...
  11. LyleG

    the boy

    and his screw you grin playing with some new software
  12. LyleG

    A fool and his money

    are soon parted Odyssey 82 Prototype Putter I just had to have one of these. For nearly a decade I have searched for a modern version of this style putter. I am too lazy to fight Phil for his (besides he is a big SOB), so I pulled out the wallet.
  13. LyleG

    Looking for a lefty YES Sophia

    anyone got one?
  14. LyleG

    Who wants to make me a bet?

    I say by the end of 2012 (the end of next season) Tiger is no longer in the top 10 of the world rankings. Any takers? Same terms I have with Rock. One doz premium balls to the winner.
  15. LyleG

    online golf pool for anyone who wants in

    Go here Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Golf and create your team, then it will prompt you to join a group the group name is 25oftigershos and the password is Phil we missed week 1, but have the rest of the season ahead
  16. LyleG

    New Years Resolutions

    What are yours? Myself, is to live a healthier lifestyle. My main goal for 2011 is to go Vegan. I actually began on boxing day, so I am a few days ahead of schedule. I have also signed up for another full year of martial arts classes. So heres to a great 2011.
  17. LyleG

    Who taking pictures - part 2

    Lets try and keep this one civil ;) Here are a few shots from earlier this fall I am just getting around to processing
  18. LyleG

    golf season

    is officially over. All taken in my yard this afternoon
  19. LyleG

    Computer help please

    Everytime I turn off my browser I lose all my saved password info. So I am on shottalk logged in and when I leave and return I need to log in again. This happens on all sites that require a log in. This just started happening and is a huge pain in the ass. How can I fix this.
  20. LyleG


    Well its official, I am an old bastard. This Thursday, myself and 3 other beer guzzling pricks will embark on a journey to senility via the ice sheets. Yes, we have joined a curling league. Have had 2 practices already and a third tonight. Mock away you young SOB's.