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  1. cabinessence

    Wie at RTO

    She looks like Chris Wood in those pictures. Honestly, I think she has the game and the talent to compete on Tour. The problem is, you could say that about a few hundred people. The mental side just isn't there.
  2. cabinessence

    Now go sign your scorecard.

    Yeah, I have heard broadcasters say something along those lines many times over the years. Probably a dig at Michelle Wie in the process.
  3. cabinessence

    Rudy Giuliani's Son Sues Over Dismissal From Duke's Golf Team

    Yeah, that depends. Some coaches like to streamline it and don't care about being able to field two teams. My team had 12 or so, a couple of whom just liked to play golf every day and knew they had no chance of playing tournaments (except the home event). All I can say about this situation...
  4. cabinessence

    Rudy Giuliani's Son Sues Over Dismissal From Duke's Golf Team

    What an idiot. He sounds like a complete brat who should have been kicked off ages ago. A D-I golf team gets 4.5 scholarships. That is usually spread around to 7 or 8 players. IMHO there's no need to have more than 10 or 11 guys. It decreases the amount of time a coach can spend with the...
  5. cabinessence

    Whats the greatest shot you have ever hit?

    Needed a birdie coming in to make the cut, drained about a 40-footer on the 17th. Could barely see the hole because it was on top of a ridge.
  6. cabinessence

    Why does she keep setting herself up for failure?

    We aren't saying she doesn't have the right to choose her own schedule. We are disagreeing with her decisions. Of course it's her life and she's going to do whatever she wants.
  7. cabinessence

    Why does she keep setting herself up for failure?

    Yes. I would not have agreed with her going on the PGA Tour but she only has a few opportunities against the girls. She NEEDS to go to Q-School and attempt to qualify, which her people are waffling on because school is in session then. So f-ing what. Failing to do that would be a huge...
  8. cabinessence

    What Majors have you attended?

    I haven't been to any LPGA events but would love to. They basically play my game distance-wise so it could be a great learning opportunity.
  9. cabinessence


    I have always liked Duval, but would have to agree with this appraisal until his play proves otherwise over an extended period of time.
  10. cabinessence

    What Majors have you attended?

    1998 Masters, Friday. The most memorable moment was being on the 18th green to see Jack Nicklaus make a birdie(?) putt. I also saw the US Amateur at East Lake a few years back.
  11. cabinessence

    Who said this today?

    Urban Dictionary is a good source. Urban Dictionary: plonker
  12. cabinessence

    And they're off!!

    Whoa there. A European has NEVER won the PGA Championship as a stroke play event. Those would have to be pretty long odds to get my money.
  13. cabinessence

    How do you organize your golf bag?

    I dunno, just a quirk. The bag looks "unbalanced" having all the long irons and all the medium irons in one place. Hybrids sort of mess things up though. Right now it's: Top: Driver-3 wood-hybrid-putter Middle: 4-6-8 and 5-7-9 Bottom: Wedges It used to be 3-5-7 and 4-6-8 which I liked...
  14. cabinessence

    How do you organize your golf bag?

    Evens and odds. Whenever I have a caddy he inevitably says "oh, you're one of THOSE people..." before switching them around.
  15. cabinessence

    The Old Guys

    Did you see him mouth the F-word right after holing out on 18? He still cared---- a lot. Great tournament for him but keeping up with the young guys for that long just wasn't realistic.
  16. cabinessence

    Michelle Wie disqualified

    This is how I feel about players keeping their own score on Tour. Does it make sense in the grand scheme of things? Not really. Tour players are show ponies who go out there for our amusement and probably shouldn't be responsible for their card. But on Tour, they use the Rules of Golf--and...
  17. cabinessence

    Michelle Wie disqualified

    Hmm, they added that to the article after I made my post. I feel a little more sympathetic to Wie and the LPGA now--people DID notice that she had skedaddled, and she did come back to sign her card. It's easy to think of a situation where you're excited, exchange cards, confuse the attest for...
  18. cabinessence

    Do You Put a Line on your GOLF ball?

    For putting, I position the ball so that there's only white on the top. So no line.
  19. cabinessence

    Michelle Wie disqualified

    You know....I thought things couldn't get any worse for this girl (woman). But they did. ESPN - Wie fails to sign scorecard, gets disqualified from State Farm - Golf "Wie failed to sign her scorecard after Friday's second round." WHAT!?!?!? How do you "fail to sign" a scorecard? Didn't her...
  20. cabinessence

    The Old Guys

    This is no longer just a cute little story. I didn't see today's round but Norman must be doing SOMETHING right. I still don't see how a 53-year-old with no practice and a history of chokes can pull it off tomorrow---but if the weather stays poor, who knows.