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  1. Fairwaysplitter3320

    FWS Jr. is taking his talents to college!

    My son just accepted an offer to join the Maryville College Scots to further his golf career and education! He is very stoked and we are very proud! It will be official when he signs on the 19th after his official recruitment trip!
  2. Fairwaysplitter3320

    2019 The US Open Discussion Thread

    US Open Talk!
  3. Fairwaysplitter3320

    Official: 2019 US Open Challenge

    Pick 4 golfers to win the US Open. Picks in this thread only, please. Use the official thread for banter. Scoring is as follows: If you are the only one to correctly pick the winner, you automatically win. If there are two or more people who picked the winner, only they will be eligible for...
  4. Fairwaysplitter3320

    Happy New Year 2019!!!

    Happy New Year gentlemen, have a wonderful evening and cheers to an amazing 2019!
  5. Fairwaysplitter3320

    Hurricane Florence

    @PaPaD @MCDavis @subsonic did y'all get the hell out of dodge yet?
  6. Fairwaysplitter3320

    Ping Eye 2 and ISI-K RestoMod

    Decided I was going to take on a little project over Christmas break. Picked up a set of Ping Eye 2’s 3-LW and a set of Ping ISI-K’s 3-LW for a song. Ordered 2 sets of 3-LW True Temper Dynalite Gold XP’s and 20 Midsize Winn Dri-Tac Wrap grips. Went to Harbor Frieght and got a Tumbler and...
  7. Fairwaysplitter3320

    Cut Grey Golf Ball Review

    The best damn golf balls under 20 bucks. That's what Cut Golf claims on their well put together site. I decided to find out. Who is Cut Golf you ask? They are a direct to consumer golf ball company that loves the game of golf and wants to make it more affordable for the masses to get tour...
  8. Fairwaysplitter3320

    Considering making a ball change.

    As most of you know I am a Srixon fanboy, have been for a few years. Specifically the Srixon ZStar in yellow. I ordered a trial of the Cut Grey. 3 piece Urethane just like the ZStar. Will post a review when they arrive and I can put them in play. Check out Cut Golf here. Home
  9. Fairwaysplitter3320

    Official 2017 Masters Challenge

    Pick 4 golfers to win the Masters. Picks in this thread only. Use the unofficial thread for banter. Scoring is as follows: If you are the only one to correctly pick the winner, you automatically win. If there are two or more people who picked the winner, only they will be eligible for the...
  10. Fairwaysplitter3320

    ShotTalk members...unite!!!

    Just in case the debacle of this week ever happens again...can I get everyone's email address. Also, I'm going to look into what it takes to start/buy/takeover a forum. Yes, I know I have some of them but please participate. When ST went down earlier this week it was like friends and family...
  11. Fairwaysplitter3320

    Website issues...

    Steve aka @PaPaD can not get tot he site. Here is his email address, he asked me to reach out for him. dandreasteve@gmail.com Thanks guys!
  12. Fairwaysplitter3320

    These are getting a lot of love online...

    Evnroll | Putters | Golf Putters Same price point as Scotty's and created by Guerin Rife. Look pretty solid, what says the peanut gallery?
  13. Fairwaysplitter3320

    Most forgiving irons ever?

    Let's spark up some debate and conversation. What are the most forgiving irons ever? Hybrids don't count, gotta be an iron set only. I'll go first...I never owned a set, but wish I had, I'll say the original Big Bertha irons were the most forgiving iron I have ever hit.
  14. Fairwaysplitter3320

    RIP Nike Golf

  15. Fairwaysplitter3320

    Wishon Sterling Single Length Iron Review

    First things first, Steve (PaPaD) did an amazing job on this build and was instrumental in me even being able to get these as he's a club ho'ing expert and therefore has an account with every single golf company in the history of mankind! Seriously, thank you sir I appreciate the countless...
  16. Fairwaysplitter3320

    PapaD's Custom Golf Shop

    The single length iron set has intrigued me enough to go ahead and move forward with the Wishon Sterling Single Length set. As most of you know I'm a total hack at building clubs. I have elicited the help of Steve of PapaD's Custom Golf Shop to build my next set of sticks. We ordered: 5...
  17. Fairwaysplitter3320

    Golf Buddy WT3

    Getting ready to liquidate some stuff for project single length irons. :D Today we have a pristine Golf Buddy WT3 with charger. I love this wearable GPS but I got a Garmin for daily use and step tracking and this has become expendable. Some features: Full targets & hazards information...
  18. Fairwaysplitter3320

    Cheap (inexpensive) Iron Shafts

    As most of you know I'm pretty enamored with the Single Length Iron craze and I'd like to pull the trigger on a set soon. I've been researching inexpensive shafts and I'm looking at Apollo and FST as the final candidates. Anyone have experience with either of these shafts???
  19. Fairwaysplitter3320

    Pulling Graphite Shafts from Irons

    I picked up Nippon 950GH's steel shafts for the Mizzy's and I realized I've never pulled a graphite shaft from an iron, anyone have experience here? From what I'm reading on the inner webs I need a shaft puller, any other tricks or options?
  20. Fairwaysplitter3320

    ShotTalk Subscription

    I just got an email from PayPal saying whippmedia (ShotTalk) suspended my auto renew subscription. What's up with that? Anyone else get this email? Is our board ok?