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  1. robereno

    Goodbye and Introduction

    Hey Guys, I just wanted to drop a quick note and let you guys know that I am leaving Global Golf. My last day will be Friday April 4th. I got another sales and marketing job in Raleigh that is just way to good to pass up. I will still be around on the board though not as often or with my...
  2. robereno

    Top Ten Reasons

    Alright Guys here is a top ten list for "why you should by used golf clubs". I think our content guy did a good job but I would like to get some critiques of the ones he has written and also some new ones that could make it better. I am happy to laugh with you guys if you come up with "risque...
  3. robereno

    UK and Canadian Shottalkers

    I have a question for you guys. What are the most popular online and print golf magazines in your respective countries?
  4. robereno

    Cant complain about a good round....but!!

    Now dont get me wrong I'm not really looking for sympathy but I took the day off and played yesterday. Raleigh CC great Donald Ross layout. I shot a 66 and lost $30 to a 12 handicap that shot 71.....I knew he was better and played him anyway but it just amazes me what some people will do for a...
  5. robereno

    Golf Tee Times

    When you guys get a chance, check out the "Tee Times" tab on Globals home page. The areas covered will only apply to some of you as the regions are limited as of now. Those of you that do live in the areas covered take a look at the normal prices and the deals and let me know if you think the...
  6. robereno

    Putter Info

    Help Please, In your guys opinion in regards to putters, who are the High end Club Makers for expensive putters. They can be affiliated with a major manufacturer or not it doesnt matter. Let me know your opinions and links are welcome also!! "Product Selection Research day at Global"
  7. robereno

    Shaft question

    Ive noticed numerous threads about the shafts you guys spend money on no matter what the club is just to get the shaft. Give me your opinions on which shafts we should keep and eye out for and even consider just listing the shaft w/o the heads.
  8. robereno

    Damn Damn Damn!!

    So the saga continues as I just bought an R7 strong 3 with a X-stiff Mid tip re-ax shaft. Guess all thats left is a new putter and wedge combo. thanks again for putting me in the poor house!!
  9. robereno

    I Hate you Guys!!!

    After over 9 months of listening to all the golf talk, irons, woods, heads, shafts, new clubs, used clubs.....I finally ccouldnt help it and "borrowed" a set of Titleist 735 CMs and a Titleist 905S from the warehouse....I went out and shot a 65 and now im going to have to buy all the crap. I...
  10. robereno

    Wilson 8802

    Played with my old man this wknd for the first time in a couple of months. He was putting with an 8802 first edition that he has had and protected for my entire life plus some. How much do you guys think one of those is worth? and im not talking about the later ones with the red lettering or...
  11. robereno

    Golf Shoes Only

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to let you know that we got in a new shipment of Footjoy and Nike closeouts that are priced pretty damn good. We also just got some new Footjoy Blems in!!! Dont forget to click thru the Shottalk Shoes Pro-Shop so that Sling and the site get credit!
  12. robereno

    Back From Augusta

    Just got back from a trip to the Masters for the Tuesday practice round. Other than security becoming even more strigent it is still one of the most tranquil and amazing places!! The Masters still does it right, limited commercials on TV, $2 beers and $1.50 sandwiches on the course and some...
  13. robereno

    Thanks from me!!

    Just a quick note for you guys. After all the feedback on Ebay vs Website sales. The overwhelming response both public and private was that the prices were simply better on Ebay. Using your posts and emails(as proof) my team and I were able to convince the owner of Global Golf to lower the...
  14. robereno

    Ebay vs Website Global Golf/Golf Shoes Only

    Okay Guys here is the question. Our prices on the website are anywhere from the exact same to about 10% higher than ebay. As you guys know we are the kings of ebay but not of direct website sales!! What are your recommendations for getting your focus off ebay and onto the site? Can it be...
  15. robereno

    Give me Wisdom

    Hey Guys want your opinion on two things. First outside of ProV's what Golf Balls do you prefer? Question two how do you feel about used balls and have you ever bought them?
  16. robereno

    Shottalk Discount

    Hey Guys, After my thread last week about discounts, I finally got around to setting one up. For the next three days all Shottalk members and guests can go to www.globalgolf.com and get a 10% discount on pre-owned product. At the checkout just type in the promo code: Shottalk If...