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  1. EHokie

    Competitive golf is fantastic, until...

    ... you play 1 under par through 8 holes of a 9 hole match, then triple bogey the final hole due to a bad shot combined with the stupidity of course design that places a driving range on the side of one of the course's holes that allows ALL sliced balls off the range into the fairway (making any...
  2. EHokie

    Awoken, just now active. The personal findings of a lazy bear.

    Well, until yesterday I had played once in the last 3 or 4 months. Even that last time was a 2 hole playoff victory over SUX in a round where we both might have been closer to nailing a 6-point deer than the flagstick. As one would expect, I've been anxious about the reboot of high school golf...
  3. EHokie

    The Bear's Out of Hibernation.

    Perhaps I should be referred to as the White Bear, or perhaps the Fuchsia Bear, so as not to confuse me with someone who's good at golf. Anyway, after two and a half months of nothing but Call of Duty, I've decided to get back out there, and on here. Thanks, SUX. Better luck next time :) With...
  4. EHokie

    27 holes for free? Hard to complain.

    So I've got my local course schedule figured out. There's an old dude that works on Sunday who lets me play as much as I want for free if I go out after about 4 or 5 in the afternoon. Today I managed to squeeze in 27. Front, back, front again. 45 on the front the first time. 41 on the back. 40...
  5. EHokie

    Regional Redeption.

    Since regionals I had only played 16 holes, about a week after regionals, until today. I played 9 at my home course; paired up with a father and son I met on the first tee. I SMOKED them, even though it was all in good fun. Shot 39. Two 3-putts. A couple awful chips. All in all, I couldn't be...
  6. EHokie

    A bit of loft confusion.

    I just bought a Nickent 3DX DC 3+ hybrid (18.5*). I carry a 15* 3 wood. Now that these hybrids have gone back down to $40, I think I may buy another one. My Revolution 4 iron has 24* of loft. Should I get the 3DX 21.5* or the 23*?
  7. EHokie

    W-506 Refinishing

    I'm considering sending off the W-506 to get it buffed, repainted, etc. Two seasons of high school golf, a few tree limbs, one cartpath, and my stupidity has taken a toll on it. Any ideas for where to send it? Consider cost and turnaround time. Thanks.
  8. EHokie


    An 88 at the Warrior was good enough to finish me in 4th spot of the 4 that go. Had I shot 90, the guy behind me would have gone. F*** yes!
  9. EHokie

    Ping Hoofer 2.

    So Mom came home from yard-saling today and pulled a Hoofer 2 bag in great shape out of the car. I really like it. But with regionals in my possible future, I'm afraid switching BAGS might jinx me. :D
  10. EHokie

    44, 40, 39.

    My three match scores this week, in that order. After the 40 on Tuesday, I was 3rd on the list of 4 to make. 39 today. And I'm pretty sure I beat the guy behind me by 5 strokes. I think I'll have a 7 stroke cushion going into our last 18 hole match on Monday.
  11. EHokie

    I see London, I see France!

    I see regionals in my future! Yesterday I shot a 44 and stayed 8th on a list of ten to make regionals. Today I shot a 40. I'll see the full conference standings in the morning, but I'm sure today's score will help. One more 9 hole match and one 18 hole match. I gotta keep it up!
  12. EHokie


    Last week I bought some Powerband Sport's. However, I completely forgot about the fact that they are not waterproof. Well, I knew they weren't, but I kinda ignored it. Anyway, I still have some Adidas Performer's that I got about a year ago. They're very worn. And waterproof. When I bought...
  13. EHokie

    PGA Superstore

    I went in one of these for the first time today (vacationing in Georgia). I've never seen a STORE this big, much less a golf store. I mostly hit an FT-9 with an X-flex Blueboard. I was a bit surprised I was only averaging around 270. I actually was hitting the XS at the perfect trajectory and...
  14. EHokie

    To swing aggressively or not?

    My irons have been off lately. I CAN hit some great shots when I get my weight to my left side and swing aggressively. However, I can also get very inconsistent (many thin and fat shots). Any thoughts?
  15. EHokie

    So I got hit in the arm today.

    School practice round with a pothead that couldn't break 150. For his 7th shot from the fairway on one hole, I was walking across to get out of his way. He sculled it and went 10 yards right, straight into my arm.
  16. EHokie

    588 DSG

    Worn through the chrome on the sole. A few rusted scratches and nicks on the face. Grooves are in surprisingly decent shape. $20 at Play-it-Again.
  17. EHokie

    I thank you all!

    To all of you who bitched at me for bitching about my life on a golf forum, I appreciate it. I really do.
  18. EHokie

    Life's a...

    Life is kinda like Jessica Alba with male private parts. You know you still wan... you'd like to but yo... it's a lot like a... hmph..... Life's a bitch.
  19. EHokie


    I shot a 48 at my match today. AT LEAST 2 balls and 4 strokes gone to the new shaft. Irons sucked. Awful day.
  20. EHokie

    Getting used to the new shaft? HELP!

    I took my Regular Aldila NV 65 out of my driver and put in a stiff Proforce 65 that's 1/2 inch below standard. I have a match tomorrow. Assuming I can't play or hit balls before my match, any ideas on how I can get used to it?