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    Vancouver-area clubmaking/repairs?

    I hate Golf Town and Westjet broke my driver. Got a replacement shaft on ebay that I need to get installed. Any recommendations? Thanks!
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    WTB Aldila NV 65-S .350 tip

    The shaft in my Cleveland Launcher 460 got busted by the douches at the airport and so I need a new one. Anyone got something kicking around? I don't even know what's fair for them now as they're pretty old and seem to be going on ebay for anything between $8 - $40 for a new one. Thanks!
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    Heading to Scottsdale

    Well, looks like it's a go and we're all booked up for the first weekend in Feb. 5.5 rounds in 3.5 days is how it's looking so far. Fly in Thursday around 2pm and try to get 9 holes in somewhere and staying at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort (cheap on priceline and apparently only "ok" but it'll...
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    iPhone GPS?

    Is anyone using any iPhone GPS apps? I tried one today for the first time today...Golf Logix 24 hour trial on a pretty popular course out here (Point Roberts, just across the border in WA). I'm glad it was the free trial because I was pretty unimpressed. #1 problem was the par values were all...
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    WTB 3 or 4 wood, shallower face and stiff

    Well, I'm about done with my Powerbilt TPS. I've decided that I want to get something with a bit shallower face and better shaft. Things that I've hit that I've liked include a Ping G10 with a Javlnfx and the new Adams 9032Ti with a Voodoo (too expensive!). I haven't really hit a ton of...
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    This week's achievements

    Hey guys, I haven't been around much lately, but I used to blog/photoblog some of my rounds here. I just don't have much time for that anymore. I just had to pop in to share my latest achievements here... My game is worse than ever (averaging 90+ most rounds...sometimes even pop over 100! :o...
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    DVD Recorder recommendations?

    Hey guys...uh...hi :miz: I've kinda been AWOL, but I'm still alive and well. Still playing (or hoping to play) golf but haven't had the winter for it this year. Still working on fitness, triathlons, health, and almost done law school. Yay. To the point...everyone here has always had great...
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    My little update

    Well, after playing like crap my last few rounds, I went ahead and tore my deltoid muscles at the gym and the doc has ordered me to take a few weeks off. So no golf or weights for me for awhile...so what do I decide to do instead? I'm running a mini-sprint triathlon in August. Doh! I'm...
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    Temporary hiatus over!

    Wow, I kinda forgot to show up here for a bit. School, new job, lack of golf, and development of a completely new obsessive hobby (wine) has kept me busy. I think it was exams that pulled me away and distractions kept me away. It's funny to see how much things can change when you don't show...
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    From a Chuck Norris forward - so funny!

    Man, Chuck Norris really is cool... When Chuck Norris has sex with a man, it is not because he is gay, but because he has run out of women. Chuck Norris doesn't read books. He stares them down until he gets the information he wants. If you ask Chuck Norris what time it is, he always says...
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    Is Lewis Black funny?

    I won tickets to go see his show on Thursday night. I hope he doesn't suck. Well, I didn't "win" tix...this is how law school is paying off...they were talking about some 14 year old boy boinking his teacher on the radio and someone mentioned that 14 is the age of consent in Canada, so I...
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    Good internet radio?

    During the long days of studying, my mp3 player can get boring, so I like to throw on some new internet radio every now and then. About the only really good quality one with good selection that I know of right now is Digitally Imported (www.digitallyimported.com), but it's mostly...
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    Booze recommendations

    Going down to Bellingham/Seattle to hit up the holiday sales this weekend, so get to hit the Duty Free on the way back. Any recommendations for booze to help me fill out my liquor cabinet? Right now, I'm pretty well stocked on: - Rum (Brugal Anejo Superior, Appleton Estates V/X, Bacardi...
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    Question for the young hipsters re '50 cent'...

    What the fvck is the attraction to this halfwit? Rarely have I seen more of a falsely "created"..."talent"...than him. The rumour is that Dre and Em found his "lyrical skills" without compare and thus backed his career...and as would be natural with the praises of two of rap's legends, his...
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    BBD - question about racial tension in Saskatoon

    <Disclaimer: The goal of this thread is not political, but if that's the way it goes, then obviously, let it be locked or deleted.> As most of you know, I'm in law school. This year I'm taking a seminar on "Topics in Human Rights" and we watched an interesting video today put out by the...
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    Do any of you guys watch this show? It's frickin' fantastic. I've been into the thing now where I watch a whole slew of episodes of a show at once and this has got to be one of the best that I've seen yet. I wish we got HBO up here. I have to get these the hard way.
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    Cookie Question...?

    Semi frequent, semi annoying issue on my desktop (but not on my laptop). All things being equal, both computers have Firefox, XP Pro and XP Home respectively, no security settings have been changed, etc. Only thing different is that gzip thing on the laptop has been turned off in Firefox...
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    Just got electrocuted by a camera...explanations?

    Okay, so my gf's old film camera wouldn't let her film out (wouldn't rewind it) and the camera had seen better days, so we decided to dismantle it to see if the film was totally unwound or if we could salvage some of it. At first, I stupidly forgot to take out the battery, and when I got the...
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    One of my worst days ever

    I realize that to some, one of my worst days ever may seem trite, but today nearly took the cake. It started off well - my friend Chris's birthday, so we decided to go play pitch and putt with my gf, Chris, and a third friend as Chris lives literally a five minute walk from probably the best...
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    The Bell Canadian Open - views from the inside

    Well, after my first day of volunteering at the BCO, I have a few brief thoughts: 1. Watching practice rounds can actually be kinda boring because you can't tell what's going through the players' heads as well as you can when you know exactly what their goal is. I couldn't help but wonder if...