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  1. shanemc13

    What's today's issue?

    All day today I got a message saying servers are busy. Figured something was going on :)
  2. shanemc13

    U.S. Open coffee cup challenge

    Jim Furyk Tiger Woods Phil Mickelson Bo Van Pelt
  3. shanemc13

    The 2010 Masters coffee cup challenge

    Tiger Woods 6 Anthony Kim 8 Ernie Els Lee Westwood 9
  4. shanemc13

    The Open coffee cup challenge

    Mike Weir Anthony Kim Retief Goosen 5 Geoff Ogilvy
  5. shanemc13

    US Open coffee cup challenge

    Furyk Mickleson 9 Els Ogilvy
  6. shanemc13

    the 2009 Masters coffee cup challenge

    Sergio Garcia Anthony Kim Camilo Villegas Geoff Ogilvy
  7. shanemc13

    Cleaning out my closet

    Price drop.
  8. shanemc13

    Cleaning out my closet

    Pics of the Heavy Putter.
  9. shanemc13

    Cleaning out my closet

    Pics of the 460 TI.
  10. shanemc13

    Cleaning out my closet

    Second set of pics.
  11. shanemc13

    Cleaning out my closet

    Here is the first set of pics.
  12. shanemc13

    Cleaning out my closet

    Callaway X Tours, Cleveland Launcher, Heavy Putter I have a few things I'm needing to get rid of. Ill get pics up soon. Probably only ship to ConUS with shipping charges. Callaway X-Tour Irons 3-PW Dynamic Gold S300 shafts standard L/L/L. GP multicompound grips. Forged irons so they have bag...
  13. shanemc13

    MP 57's

    Anyone tried out the MP 57s? I love the feel of Mizuno irons these looked a bit easier to hit. A little on the high side though.
  14. shanemc13

    Ultimate Shot Talk Golf Outing

    Put me down for a tentative. I talked to my golfing buddy and he sounded interested. We are only about a 5hr drive away.
  15. shanemc13


    LOL Nice catch. :biglol:
  16. shanemc13

    How do you take off a golf grip?

    Only way I've ever taken them off is split them down the side with a razer blade and peel the grip off the tape. No saving the old grip though :/
  17. shanemc13

    Ole Launcher

    I have a Launcher 460 TI 9.5 that I could probably be convinced to sell if someone wants one. Loved that driver. Was going to keep it for sentimental value lol.
  18. shanemc13

    Clubs stolen

    Check Ebay. I have heard of this happening and the guy got lucky and found his stuff for sale on Ebay. I don't remember if he got them back though. Sucks :(
  19. shanemc13

    How Much For You?

    After a million I would definitely quit. Think of all the stuff I could ho for my new hobby :wow:
  20. shanemc13

    what causes forward spin?

    I think the only for sure thing we can say about this is he topped the shot. Anything else will be somewhat speculation.