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  1. shanemc13

    Cleaning out my closet

    Callaway X Tours, Cleveland Launcher, Heavy Putter I have a few things I'm needing to get rid of. Ill get pics up soon. Probably only ship to ConUS with shipping charges. Callaway X-Tour Irons 3-PW Dynamic Gold S300 shafts standard L/L/L. GP multicompound grips. Forged irons so they have bag...
  2. shanemc13

    MP 57's

    Anyone tried out the MP 57s? I love the feel of Mizuno irons these looked a bit easier to hit. A little on the high side though.
  3. shanemc13

    Second guessing myself...

    Hey guys. So I won an auction on Ebay for an FT-i tour yesterday which at first I thought was legit (compared the pics to the golfbidder counterfeit images) but now I'm having second thoughts. Mainly due to the fact that his email response was almost instant asking a question about the club...
  4. shanemc13

    WTS Mizuno MP 30's

    I have a set of Mizuno MP 30's I am wanting to sell. They have S300 shafts and new GP Multicompound grips. $185 plus shipping. I will get pics up tonight. PS. As you probably noticed, this is my first post (heh) I am a long time lurker and love this forum. I get a TON of good info from here...