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    The Perfect Set

    Here's mine. All yardages on a fly. Toylor Made r7 425 TP - 260. r5 duel - 230, Rescue Duel 3 - 215, Rescue Duel 4 - 205, Callaway X Tour 5 iron - 190, Callaway X Tour 6 iron - 180, Taylor Made r7 TP 7 iron - 170, r7 TP 8 iron - 158, r7 TP 9 iron - 145, r7 TP PW - 132, Cleveland CG 10 52 deg -...
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    NXT Tour

    I've seen a number of negative comments about the Titleist NXT golf balls in many of the post here lately. I'm just wondering if these comments are meant for the NXT only or if the NXT tour is being included in. I haven't played an NXT so I have no comments about the ball but I have played the...