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  1. nixdad

    14th @ PB, D.D. on leader board on Sunday, exciting golf, no Tiger?

    Was a good finish with DJ birdieing the last hole to win. Question is, if Tiger were in the field and the low scores they were posting, would he have gone even lower? But he wasnt't there and they still had a great tourney!
  2. nixdad

    Greetings from the Pacific Northwest! Quick Question

    Don't forget about Pumpkin Ridge. Great course. And yeah, if I lived in Oregon, I'd be taking trips to Bandon.
  3. nixdad

    Greetings from the Pacific Northwest! Quick Question

    Great public trak is Eastmoreland GC. They held a few Public Links Champs there in the past. Tough of you get in the trees. Delta Park has a couple of nice courses. The Greenback course is the fav, but the other, which name I forget, is also a nice course. they opened that one up too early...
  4. nixdad


    Achilles Last Stand by Led Zepplin
  5. nixdad

    Heading to Scottsdale

    Sounds like a great trip. If you go to Ruth's CHris, be prepared to spend a lot of money. Good steaks, but everything is ala carte. But then again, evrything in Snottsdale is spendy. Sounds fun. The weather should be in the lower 70's by that time. Today, it was mid 60's.
  6. nixdad

    76 today...

    Had a 37 on the front and waa hitting the ball pretty good. Then play slowed a bit and I went to sleep for about four holes and had a double and three bogeys. Lipped quite a few birdie putts. All in all, it was a pretty good round. On another note, I got the Phil Mickelson short game DVD...
  7. nixdad

    So I get a phone call tonight...

    Hmmm. A company with REAL customer service. Now that is refreshing.
  8. nixdad

    So I get a phone call tonight...

    Thanks for the offer. I received an email a few days ago from DD's customer service. They were great. They were very apologetic and asked me to send them my shipping info so they could send out the mag and vertical grip. KUDOS to DD!
  9. nixdad

    Rib injury sucks!

    If it still hurts, putting and chipping is the right decision. Unfortunately, time is the best healer of that frikin' injury. If you play while you hurt, there is probably a good chance that you'll compensate for the pain, thus changing parts of your swing, unintentionally.
  10. nixdad

    Glove recommendation

    which is exactly shy I get ine from mggolf.co. $7 year round. They use great cabretta leather.
  11. nixdad

    Glove recommendation

    mggolf.com. I get the Tech Grip Glove. I've also used their Dyna glove. Great cabretta leather. Here's the best part...2 for 1 on ALL their gloves. Best deal in town for that quality of glove.
  12. nixdad

    What golf stuff did Santa bring you?

    2 Cleveland CG15 wedges in black pearl. 58 and 54 degrees with one dot (lower bounce). Also got two dozen Callaway Tour I balls.
  13. nixdad

    Santa was good to me!

    I must have been somewhat good this year. So, Mrs. Claus got me a couple of Cleveland CG15 wedges. 54-10 and 58-8, both in black pearl. Damn thing is, I guess they're so hot that no one has them in stock. Now I have to wait a week or two for them to come in. I also got two dozen Callaway...
  14. nixdad

    CG 15

    So let me guess. This is an anti-Cleveland golf site?
  15. nixdad

    So I get a phone call tonight...

    The version is the M4 Carbine. It is not the V2. I was expecting to get a vertical grip, but it did not come with one. I didn't come with a magazine either. I just emailed DD about not getting them with the rifle. We'll have to wait and see if they respond and how they reply. It's such a...
  16. nixdad

    So I get a phone call tonight...

    Here it is! I picked it up on Thursday. Pretty damn nice rifle. Now I have to decide whether or not to sell it. Tough decision.
  17. nixdad

    So I get a phone call tonight...

    I found out I won an AR-15! Got a raffle ticket for twenty bucks at a memorial ride for a fallen brother in blue. Only 200 tickets were being sold. I thought at the time I was buying the ticket that the money was just going to the foundation. I NEVER win anything from raffles. Low and...
  18. nixdad

    78 and 80 today

    I never thought to take any. It looks like a typical desert course though. And coming out of overseeding, the course is looking great.
  19. nixdad

    CG 15

    I've done a couple of searches on this forum, but can't find anything on the Cleveland CG15. Anyone have any thoughts or reviews for this club? It's on my Christmas list.
  20. nixdad

    78 and 80 today

    Started the front nine with a double and bogey and ended up with 37. Then the beer started to flow because we found out it was one of my playing partners' birthday. All in all, I'll take it. I rarely drink and boy did I feel it. And I NEVER drink during golf. But today it was like 65 degrees and...