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  1. Topflite_D2


    Nothing will ever compare to a pair of Dillion Optics. Price tag is pretty big but they are the clearest lens you'll ever look out of. If you tried them you'd never want to give them up.
  2. Topflite_D2

    Ping Putter Question

    So is it the older Anser 2? I have one of those. If you could throw up a picture. Its possible some one paint filled it with black instead of white.
  3. Topflite_D2

    Any new Michael Jackson jokes?

    What has 18 balls and 3 pubic hairs?
  4. Topflite_D2

    When is summer coming?

    I would have to agree with you there. I think a max temp 70°f year round would be perfect.
  5. Topflite_D2

    When is summer coming?

    Oh come on don't you like having to wear a speedo one week and a parka the other?
  6. Topflite_D2

    Putter grip

    Warbird I just tried out the Ping man grip myself it is bar none one of the best putter grips. I had a Winn that was oversized on my older putter and I just don't like the feel of the Winn's.
  7. Topflite_D2

    Life is good because....

    Its good because I got a bunch of new clubs coming on Wednesday. :D Also I go for my license.
  8. Topflite_D2

    Billy Mays dead..

    ^^^Agreed! he's still on the gd news. Big deal he sold a lot of records.
  9. Topflite_D2

    Billy Mays dead..

    Its kinda funny to me CNN and and Fox were all over Jackson's death but you turn on them and there is hardly anything about Billy Mays.
  10. Topflite_D2

    Michael Jackson is dead

    I'm sure you guys have probably read these by now but they gave me quite a chuckle. Farah Fawcett died and went to heaven, she met God, He gave her one wish. She asked for all the children of the world to be safe. So God killed Michael Jackson. Due to the fact that Michael Jackson is 99%...
  11. Topflite_D2

    need a new driver ? :/

    These aren't bad drivers. I really like mine. Taylor Made r7 425 Driver 9.5 Degree Used Golf Club at GlobalGolf.com If your looking for a little more forgiveness try this. Taylor Made r7 460 Driver 10.5 Degree Used Golf Club at GlobalGolf.com
  12. Topflite_D2

    Cheap Cavity Back set, opinions?

    Why not try the Acer xp905? Acer XP 905 Irons
  13. Topflite_D2


    Actually I think it is just SAE 30 because the 10w means winter.
  14. Topflite_D2

    Any idea what this is????

    Here you go The Golf Warehouse: Tour Edge Exotics Combo Brazing Fairway Woods
  15. Topflite_D2

    Miserable golf weather

    I hear you guys. Golfing in the morning is fun but if it isn't the dang heat it is the little bugs that swarm around you. Its funny when its 45° there is a 100MPH wind and then when it is 90°+ there isn't a breeze to be found!
  16. Topflite_D2

    '09 BurnerTP

    If not duct tape! :ugly25:
  17. Topflite_D2

    Acer XP905 Pro

    I looked around and the best deal I found on these assembled was at Crosshair Golf. Acer XP 905 Pro Iron I ended up with just the Apollo shaft that is included in the price, I figured I'm not that great yet so I'll just go with that shaft.
  18. Topflite_D2

    Acer XP905 Pro

    That was what I got from all the reviews I read and I remember reading about them on this site. For the price they can't be beat.
  19. Topflite_D2

    Acer XP905 Pro

    Just jumped on the bandwagon with these. I haven't read a bad thing about them online. I picked up 3-PW and free sandwedge and shipping. The total came to $145.95 that is put together with grips and everything. Can't wait to try them out on the course.