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  1. floggerrushmd

    Official: 2014 Masters "Coffee Cup" Challenge

    Justin Rose L. Oosthuizen K. Bradley D. Johnson
  2. floggerrushmd

    What's the best golf advice you've heard

    the best advice i ever got was from my grandfather as a solution to putting woes. "Hit the ball and listen for it to go in the hole." my first time trying it it worked like a charm i would hit a putt and then stand there with my head down until I heard it hit the bottom of the cup. Never had so...
  3. floggerrushmd

    NC Shottalk Outing

    Hey guys it has been awhile since I was last able to log onto this site, just started residency at ECU. I find that I will be available to play golf next weekend and wanted to see if anyone else was around to play a round in eastern NC. Starting in July I will be able to play more regularly on...
  4. floggerrushmd

    Missing in Action...

    I going into Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Basically the specialty deals with everything from musculodystrophies and cerebral palsy in children through stroke and heart attack rehab in adults. I don't know exactly what area of the specialty I will focus on but I am really looking...
  5. floggerrushmd


    I have never seen one on a par 5 but I have watched two aces on par 4s. The first hole on our HS teams home course was a glorified par 3 - 270yds from the tips.
  6. floggerrushmd

    Missing in Action...

    well both my wife and I graduated from NCSU as well MCDavis. We are loving being back in the south and away from those midwesterners who talk funny hehe.
  7. floggerrushmd

    Missing in Action...

    I have been away from this site for far too long, but life has a funny way of keeping you on your toes. I graduated from medical school in December, and I am starting my residency at East Carolina University in July (so NC shot talkers we will have to have another outing sometime in the near...
  8. floggerrushmd

    Your most embarrassing shot.

    Mine came while playing in a state tournament in high school. I was on the 7th green, I had hit two amazing shots to stuff one to eight feet, left my birdie putt short and calmly walked up to tap in my 10" putt for my par. I lipped out the putt, it power lipped, caught the slope next to the...
  9. floggerrushmd

    Odds of the PGA banning Belly/Chest putters?

    I have not seen a difinitive advantage to using the anchored putters. Can anyone name a single player who was an atrocious putter who swiched to an anchored putter and suddenly started winning every tournament? I personally hate seeing and hearing so much about these stupid putters. Until...
  10. floggerrushmd

    Rules question, belly putter grips

    You can either use two round grips or one long putter grip that has the tapered shape. You can not slide a standard grip down onto the shaft and use a rubber plug on the end.
  11. floggerrushmd

    Played 18 today riding, will probably walk 9 more tomorrow

    Keep up the positive attitude it is almost as important as anything the docs are doing for you. And keep up the great golf. I haven't been able to play in a few weeks and I miss it but hearing someone is still enjoying the most maddening game in the world is nice. You are in my wife and my prayers.
  12. floggerrushmd

    Your Favorite Ball?

    Having played several different makes this summer I have the following list: 1. Callaway HX(s) - I am playing to a HDCP of 4 since I started using this ball 2. Taylormade TP Black 3. Whatever ball I find on the course 4 and beyond: anything made by Nike or Titleist, and the Taylormade Penta I...
  13. floggerrushmd

    Walked 9 holes

    Congrats on getting out, and for a solid 44 on your first nine back walking. Keep up the good work.
  14. floggerrushmd

    Circumnagivating the Globe

    This itinerary reminds me of that scene from Superman where he flies so fast around the Earth that he is able to go back in time. All I can say is wow that is quite the trip. I agree with VtDivot though, see as many of the sights as you can.
  15. floggerrushmd

    I need help...

    I have been working on my game a lot lately, and I have gotten myself down to about a 3 or 4 hdcp right now. My current driver set up had been working for me up until my most recent swing changes which made every club in my bag more consistent except now I can't hit a fairway to save my life. I...
  16. floggerrushmd

    The Newest Golf Fan...

    If the title doesn't give it away my wife is pregnant with our first. It is a girl she is due December 30th. So we are hoping for either a tax baby or the first baby of the season. hehe... I am totally excited, and you can bet the first thing she gets will be a golf club. Future LPGA tour...
  17. floggerrushmd

    Allota golf

    I have 12 rounds in this year. My cap is sitting right around 4-7 depending, it is hard to say more accurately with how little I have played. I am truly jealous of you guys who have played over 100 rounds. I would kill for the opportunity to have played that many rounds. I am playing again...
  18. floggerrushmd

    Bought a 64 degree wedge

    I have one already. I actually did the grind custom myself, but you still just can not open up a 58* like you can a 64* or even like I used to open my 60*. Opening up the face means you have to open your stance even farther with a lower loft which changes swing plane, and messes with your...
  19. floggerrushmd

    Bought a 64 degree wedge

    I have been thinking about picking up a 64* as well, my 58* just doesn't do what I need it to do around the green sometimes, and the added loft could be helpful. Glad to hear someone else who isn't on tour picked one up and was able to make use of it at least somewhat. Keep us posted on how it...
  20. floggerrushmd

    "That Hole"

    I have plenty of holes from courses that I play now that give me fits but nothing compares to the 17th at Highland Country Club in pittsburgh pa. 440 par four dog leg left around the side of a hill with the fairway sloping severly from left to right. Ideal tee shot will carry 265 in the air...