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  1. Topflite_D2

    Acer XP905 Pro

    Just jumped on the bandwagon with these. I haven't read a bad thing about them online. I picked up 3-PW and free sandwedge and shipping. The total came to $145.95 that is put together with grips and everything. Can't wait to try them out on the course.
  2. Topflite_D2

    Hows This for a High Shot?!

    I just hate this sport, I ran fast and cleared all the jumps, and still got beat. :D Anyways check it out, if you want. I'm so sore today can hardly move my neck. :laugh: <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/QneMrxJbShw&hl=en&fs=1"></param><param...
  3. Topflite_D2

    One of the Most Scariest Moments of my Life

    Time was 7:45pm. Sitting on the bed watching T.V. All I hear is my mom running up the stairs. She comes in my room and say "the neighbor's garage exploded and started on fire." I run down the stairs and look out the door in horror, it was the sight that no one wants to see. I'm running around...
  4. Topflite_D2

    Wilson Staff Pi5 Iron Set 3-PW

    Just throwing this out to see if anyone would like to buy these. It is a complete set they have Wilson staff DG r300 shafts. Red Karakal grips, they look like new. Heads are in good shape no chips in the heads just a few scratches from regular use. I bought these used off ebay and I've only used...
  5. Topflite_D2

    Tour Lock Pros

    Bought these from a member here and they are lighter than I thought so they don't work in the putter like I thought they would. Not looking to make any money just get the money back I paid for these. Looking to get $12 for the pair. 20g and 30g
  6. Topflite_D2

    F/S: Odyssey Dual Force 2 #5 CS

    Getting rid of a few things Up for sale is a Odyssey putter It is in great shape I would say 8.5/10. Other than the grip being worn and a small scratch on one side of the sole this thing is in great condition pictures don't do it justice. Still has the Odyssey Precision shaft band. If you would...
  7. Topflite_D2

    Sticks of a Total Hack

    Here are the sticks of a complete hacker. Can you spell forgiveness? haha
  8. Topflite_D2

    WTB: Tour Lock Pro

    Does anyone have a lighter Tour Lock pro like a 20g or 30g they would be willing to sell? Thanks
  9. Topflite_D2

    F/S: New Rain Grip Gloves

    For sale a pair of never used Foot Joy Rain Grip extreme gloves in men's small. I got one pair so I thought I would get another, I tried them on at the store but now they feel a little too snug. The are the best gloves in rain you can't even tell the grips are slippery. They work good in dry...
  10. Topflite_D2

    WTT: Putter

    Hello I have a Odyssey White Hot #6 that I don't like the type of neck/offset that it has. With it and the left hand low grip I use I tend to leave the face open a tad which isn't good for making putts. I like prefer the offset style of the Scotty Cameron I had before. I'm not sure if Odyssey...
  11. Topflite_D2

    Hows this for hobby?!

    Just thought I would share these with you since we got a digital camera finally this weekend. Nikon Coolpix L18 to be exact takes the best stills but moving pictures you have to hit the button way early. :prop: When I 1st saw these they made me go :wow: ^^^ On that jump I landed a...
  12. Topflite_D2

    Sign Below the Dotted Line

    Hey guys I know we've had a few threads about the gas prices. We might be able to do something about it. Lets all fight this battle together sign this petition here and read more about it. American Solutions - Petitions Sling sorry if this has to do with politics.
  13. Topflite_D2

    How Many Times Have You Golfed This Year?

    As the title says how many times have you golfed this year? Either 9 or 18 holes. I wanna see how far I am behind all of you hardcore guys; I've gotten out just once for 9 holes. Haha I'm dedicated huh? :D Tons of other stuff in my life and no money to golf.
  14. Topflite_D2

    TM RAC 60° Wedge

    For Sale TM RAC 60° wedge w/ 7° bounce. I just can not get it down like I can my Callaway 56° and I could use some extra cash. I'll put a new grip on it if you would like, because the Sharpro is torn up on it. Thing looks brand new only a few small scratches on the face and sole from normal use...
  15. Topflite_D2

    Taylor Made RAC 60°

    For Sale TM RAC 60° wedge w/ 7° bounce. I just can not get it down like I can my Callaway 56° and I could use some extra cash. I'm going to say $50 shipped. Shipping is about $8 for a wedge shipped USPS. I'll put a new grip on it if you would like, because the Sharpro is torn up on it. Thing...
  16. Topflite_D2

    You know we're screwed when...

    Louis Black says we're not #1. IMO this is the funniest comedian ever. :biglol::biglol::biglol:Take a look for yourself. YouTube - Lewis Black on Broadway talking about how America ISN'T #1
  17. Topflite_D2

    Has anyone heard of these?

    Protactic brand clubs. My neighbor that doesn't play golf anymore gave me a Protactic 24° 7 wood w/True Temper red label reg. flex. I'm thinking of re painting the crown and where the paint wraps around to the bottom and putting a newer grip on it. I like tackling projects like that. It will...
  18. Topflite_D2

    ARRRRRRRRR need too...

    have a massage practitioner as a caddy. Went out for my 1st nine holes today. I was all excited and ready to go. Head to the first tee, took out the driver hit not bad shot to the left countering my fade, just missed the fairway. 2nd shot wasn't bad either, two approach shots killed me, then I...
  19. Topflite_D2

    Chipping surface

    Hey guys, I haven't been on for a few days because the internet took a dump and IT couldn't fix it. What some idiots Alltel has working in their IT department. Well anyways its spring here in Wisconsin now finally. And I want to start working on my short chips more outdoors. I'm just wondering...
  20. Topflite_D2


    Hello I know I had a thread about putter grips but I'm wondering what everyone's favorite brand of grips is? I'm sorry if this has been asked already. After you vote on a brand tell me what model you like. The grips with the votes are the ones I'll try out and choose from there.