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  1. rob0225

    Playing the Royal St. George?

    For our UK based folks or those that have played the Royal St. George. I'm going on a business trip to UK next month and want to try and play the course but looking at the website visitors aren't allowed to make tee times in the weekend? I only have a Saturday is it possible to even play on a...
  2. rob0225

    Upgrade 6 year old irons???

    I've got the 2008 Titleist AP1s I bought new that I hit decently. Has technology on irons improved enough over the past 6 years to justify an upgrade?
  3. rob0225

    Forums Dead?

    What's up with the forums? They seem almost dead compared to what they used to be a couple years ago. There just doesn't seem to be much traffic like there used to be.
  4. rob0225

    Official Golf Handicap Tracking Online?

    Anywhere online I can track my handicap? I don't mind paying for it but it needs to be a valid USGA handicap.
  5. rob0225

    Driving Range...place to practice or social spot?

    So I was at the driving range at the course today practicing and three guys come up and one sets up right beside me. Only one is hitting balls...probably 1 ball every 3-4 minutes but in between the three of them are having a little social time very loudly. I couldn't move cause the range was...
  6. rob0225

    ProSleeve Golf tube

    Anyone have any experience with this? Pro-Tube Golf Ball Retriever from ProSleeve Golf.
  7. rob0225

    Ball placement...Sean Foley

    So Sean Foley says for more consistent impact that ball placement should be consistent in the stance and to adjust distance from the ball and width to compensate for club length. Foley's claims the ball should be played in line with the left shoulder joint which places it at the low point of...
  8. rob0225

    Heads up on buying golf balls

    Just a quick heads up. Went to buy some Bridgstones B330s. Grabbed the box and as I was walking to checkout opened them up just to take a look and someone had swapped the lid with a box of Noodles (I assume to pull a fast one).
  9. rob0225

    Any Shottalkers in the Baltimore Area?

    I'm in Aberdeen Maryland for the next two weeks and looking for some golf this weekend. Anyone out there looking for a golf partner this weekend? Sat or Sun. I've got no problem driving within 2 hours. Let me know, Thanks, Robert
  10. rob0225

    Golf Management Degree

    OK, am I too old? I'm 41 years old and retired from the Army. I have a good paying job that I generally like, but it is stressful on the family. (I travel about 50% of the year). I'm thinking of kinda getting out of the rat race. I have my military retirement and VA disability that my wife...
  11. rob0225

    Golf Digest Cover Jan 2010

    You think they are regretting the cover for the Jan 10 Golf Digest?
  12. rob0225

    Rocco Fan

    I knew of Rocco before this, but didn't really pay much attention. I will always be a Tiger fan, but I am now a Rocco fan too. What a class act, went the distance and almost did it. It was his to lose but Tiger was Tiger in the end and pulled it out. Just watched his post round interview...
  13. rob0225

    Any auto body guys here?

    Repair shop says the unibody on my daughter's car (2000 Mercury Cougar) was bent. I'm reading alot on it and is repairing the unibody a reliable repair? Robert
  14. rob0225

    Tiger's 2nd Round

    WOW!!! He was shooting lights out! Solid round from start to finish. I got a feeling we are going to see major # 13 on Sunday. Robert
  15. rob0225

    Met my summer goals

    At the beginning of the summer, I had two personal goals: 1. Break 80 2. Get to a single digit handicap Broke 80 for the first time about a month ago and have done it a couple times since then. Just got my official GHIN HC email and I am now a 8.7 handicap from a 15 at the start of the...
  16. rob0225

    Rust on Irons

    Some of the irons on my MP60s have a bit of rust on them. I'm pretty sure it came from a day last week I played ina bit of rain and left the head covers on. What is the best way to take care of the rust? It's not alot, just a bit on a few clubs. Thanks, Robert
  17. rob0225

    I NEED help !!!!! Swing problems

    Guys, I need some help. I have and have had for a while a serious issue with an outside inside swing causing me to hit my irons on the toe or near the toe. What causes this? I'm not casting, I'm not coming over the top, but it almost seems as if I am pulling my arms in toward my body just...
  18. rob0225

    Premium Membership??

    I've been around this forum for I guess about 6-8 months now and really like the community here. I'm considering purchasing a Premium Membership, however, I'm not one to throw money away. For those that have a Premium Membership: Is it worth it? Money well spent? Would you buy again knowing...
  19. rob0225

    My US Open Prizes

    First, thanks Sling for having the contest. The fact that I won this wedge, gave me a reason to get another new wedge to go with it! :laugh: Anyway, below are pictures of me and my booty!!! No laughing at the facial hair, I'm still trying to figure out this goatee stuff after retiring...
  20. rob0225

    Stuff for sale (Driver/Wedges/Putter)

    I'm cleaning up a bit and I've got a few things for sale. PM me if interested. Pictures below: Driver SOLD Cleveland CG10 Satin wedges, 50 degree and 56 degree 2 dot. Both clubs are in good shape, the 56 degree shows more wear then the 50 degree. Grips are good, these were bought...