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  1. Bubble Head

    Long Drivers

    Why are some drivers longer than others for virtually everyone? In this day and age, you would think that all drivers would have a COR at the ragged edge of the limit. Better drivers would have a higher COR across more of the face, but other than that, why the difference? Depending on...
  2. Bubble Head

    Advice on Nickent Square

    I started the year with no intent to change anything in my bag. But people are practically giving these away and hitting fairways is my number one priority (No ,using a pitching wedge doesn't count and drive for show, putt for dough is only true if you aren't in the trees) I play a draw...
  3. Bubble Head

    Surprising Clubs

    I was looking at Lee Westwood's and Rocco Mediate's clubs. Westwood was playing I3's and Mediate was playing X-20's. Neither are ultra game improvement. But neither are anywhere near blades. So much for the best players playing different clubs than the rest of us.
  4. Bubble Head

    First "Barkie"

    I wanted to share my joy of a recent accomplishment. I was playing a 170yd par 3. It is narrow, with big trees on both sides. Just before the green, the leaves from the left side almost meet the leaves from the right. My normal shot is a fade and my normal miss is a slice. The shot was going...
  5. Bubble Head

    3 Wood Recommendations

    I continue to have 3 wood problems. I fade or slice way too bad. I may get the lessons and get better. But it will never be great. I am looking for a draw biased 3 wood with around a 180 cc head. I have tried a KZG GF2. It felt dead and didn't go any farther than my hybrid. Anyone...
  6. Bubble Head

    Going to Play in the Rain This Winter

    I am planning on playing in nastier weather this year. That means the t-shirt and shorts/jeans I usually play in aren't going to hack it. I am looking for recommended rain pants/jackets that don't overly inhibit the swing, keep you comfortable and don't cost as much as a new Rapture bought...
  7. Bubble Head

    Putter Shaft Location

    When I bought my current putter, the guy in the shop told me that my swing was like a gate and that I should get a heel shafted putter. More recently, I have been reading a lot about SeeMore putters. They are all center shafted or almost center shafted so I wanted to try one. There...
  8. Bubble Head

    Nickent Hybrid Question

    What is the difference between a Genex 3DX Ironwood and a one that doesn't say "Genex" on it? :idhitit:
  9. Bubble Head

    Wide Shoes (Go Footjoy)

    Long ago I was looking for shoes that were wide enough for me. I went through both Nike and Callaway shoes and could not get comfortable. Last July I bought some Footjoy Contours. I have been very happy with them. Very comfortable. I can walk 18 holes and still feel good.
  10. Bubble Head

    Big 3 Wood

    I have been improving on most of my clubs. All except the 3 wood. When I should be hitting the 3 wood, I hit a hybrid instead. The problem is hitting is cleanly at the end of a 43in shaft. I have been thinking that a little bigger headed 3 wood would be more accurate from the fairway and...
  11. Bubble Head

    Aldila Shafts

    So I know the difference between NV and NVS shafts. It is about kick point. I even picked up and NV r7 Draw with an NV in it and it seems to hit lower than my NVS r7. What is the difference between VS and the NV and NVS? Torque?
  12. Bubble Head

    Hoing Resources

    I am branching out beyond eBay and ST classifieds. I know about Golfsmith, RockBottomGolf, GlobalGolf, 3ballsgolf and knetgolf. Who else has a good supply of used clubs in a searchable web site? My current yen is a 23* Nickent Ironwood with an NV75R shaft. The 20* is my new favorite club.
  13. Bubble Head

    Genex or not Genex

    I picked up a Nickent 3DX ironwood with an NV shaft and proceded to hit more 200 yd par 3's than I ever had before. It is the only long club I have that doesn't seem to slice much. I may want some other lofts. I see Genex and just plain 3DX. Are these the same club with a different name?
  14. Bubble Head

    Need a Place for the Shag Bag

    I can work on my full swing at any range. But I need help from 30 to 100 yards. I am looking for a place that I can practice hitting pitches and chips with my own golf balls into something that looks like a green. I can't do this at the range because type of ball seems critical. Also...
  15. Bubble Head

    Out Comes the Ho Monster

    I had this overwhelming urge to try an NV shaft and a Nickent hybrid. Got 2 for the price of 1. http://http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=320150997660&ssPageName=STRK:MEWN:IT&ih=011 Far too tempted for more hybids and FW. How do I resist?
  16. Bubble Head

    Shoes or Flippers

    I wear size 13W in normal shoes. I tried on some Nike 13W shoes, the only 13W shoes I have been able to find in the metropolitin area. They fit fine in the shop, but by about hole number 8, they are clearly too narrow. I hear that Footjoy run wider than Nike. How about Footjoy Contour...
  17. Bubble Head

    Bermuda Grass

    I live in the Pacific Northwest with nothing but bent grass greens. I am going to California for vacation and the the web page for the golf course says that they have bermuda grass greens. Here is what I have read: The grass points towards the sun and the ball breaks away from the way...
  18. Bubble Head

    It Doesn't Make Sense (A good one for WBL and other engineers)

    I don't understand the problem I have with my driver. I have a decent quality driver. I was fitted on a launch monitor for the shaft. It is 44.5 in long. It feels good. And when I hit it well, it has a wonderful ball flight. The problem is, I only hit the fairway about 1 in 3. Most...
  19. Bubble Head

    Shaft length

    I am still tuning the distances of my clubs. I carry distances as follows: Driver 225 15* 3w 210 19* 5w 195 22* 3h 190 25* 4h 175 27* 5i 158 I want to shrink the gap between my 5i and my 4h and widen the gap from my 3h to 5w. My 4h is an inch longer than my 5i and my 3h is an...
  20. Bubble Head


    Reading Wishon's "Search for the Perfect Golf Club" changed the way I looked at and shopped for clubs. Is there anything out there that does a nice job of doing the same thing for golf balls?