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  1. dave.

    New Ping gear

    I go to loads of dem days, just like hitting clubs, I must be a salesmans nightmare, no intention of buying. Until today. I've walked away with the new Anser driver with Fuji Blur, and some new i20 irons. They were battering my Titty gear, AP2 712 and D3. The i20 were carrying 10 yards further...
  2. dave.


    My annual check in. Lots happened work wise, I'm now living in Devon, the nicest place on the planet, so not much golf, but I'm back. Treated myself to some new irons, the trusty J33s have seen better days. I love the 2012 Titleist range, so have tested the CBs 712 and AP2. Had the KBS C Tapers...
  3. dave.

    tell me what driver to get

    I have buggered mine up thinking I can 'build' clubs, so I need a new one. But I've lost touch Best driver I ever had was a 425 R7. I like to feel a bit of flex and I prefer mid to soft tips. Hate V2 and Graf lues ot give you an idea I hate drivers that sit closed I swing with a slight...
  4. dave.

    Why on earth did Hunter Mahan

    Hit 6 iron to 17? No way was that hole was a 6 iron, it was 4s and 5s all day even for the beasty hitters. Can someone explain that? I was cheering for the US after Fowler played so well (THE next Tiger for me) But that decision from Mahan was bizarre
  5. dave.

    Swing thoughts

    Haven't started a thread for ages, so here goes I've always liked swinging soft flex shafts, really soft, lady shafts, and now after a year of not playing I am using; A reg shaft RE-AX but a mid tip in the driver, and very soft playing Exars in Mixuno 3 and 5 woods But, I still hate...
  6. dave.

    Paul, Fisher putters

    You took the mick because they are sold by fools in a certain shop, and serious golfers don't do this. Yet Furyk just walked into a shop, paid his 40 dollars and won the Fed-Ex, Calcerveckee-er did something similar a few years ago. You really need to broaded your horizons matey boy, you are...
  7. dave.


    -9 for last 11 holes Who says GBI+E will win the Ryder Cup?
  8. dave.


    Bought new componets Built my own new set Practiced like mad over winter Got fit Paid green fees for private club, first time in 4 years Pulled tendon in shoulder, 6 months Diclofenac and physio, no golf Bollocks
  9. dave.

    Nike just making Titleist drivers now

    Had a play with a VR today, small head, just a re lainch of the old 983 tbh, nice solid driver, but a step forward? No, I think they are going back now to the days of old, and thats not a bad thing
  10. dave.

    Golf in HD

    Just finally upgraded to a Sony LCD and Sky HD, and SOME golf is awesome, truly fabulous to watch. But the variability of the broadcasts is getting to me, both from the PGA and European our. Todays Malaysia Open seemed like just normal TV, not 1080, so why stick these on HD channels when the...
  11. dave.

    oh no, part deux

    first the bifocles, and now I am having to lift my left heel up a bit I am getting old at 44, I think I will just mercy kill myself when I get to reg flex
  12. dave.

    Its that time of year again

    epoxy..........check new BCT grips ...................check ferrules..........check corks................check ram rod...............check tape..................check swingweight scale...............check and some frigging pills. I get so anal doing the annual regrip. Every year I...
  13. dave.

    Need help on US prices

    My sister is going to Phoenix how much is an iPhone, unlocked, no contract? how much would it cost for a dozen Footjoy mens large gloves how much is an iPad?
  14. dave.

    Time to re think Pelz

    He gets a lot of stick, but Mickleson has stuck by him, so he must have something about him. Mickleson is THE most gifted player on tour imho, pure natural talent, yet he must get something out of the simple robotic logical methods Pelz uses. Plus who has got his putting going again? Stockton...
  15. dave.

    Golf Pride BCT

    Finally landing in the UK, I have held one and they are my new fave grip, really very nice soft half cord, hold one and you will have to have one Will be doing annual re-grip with these next week, we post full review then
  16. dave.

    JOhn Daly not playing by rules

    Or the spirit of the rules at least. The new V groove rule applies to clubs made after 1990, now most of a certain age know Ping made some Ping Eye ++ for about a year (now quite valuable) with square grooves in the eighties when they fell out with the PGA. John Daly ran to his garage, got...
  17. dave.

    Pics of snowy UK

    taken two days ago, outside my house
  18. dave.

    dave's golf photo competition

    1st January, no one is doing anything, certainly very quiet in here, so take some pics, any pics, as long as they are golfing related, at least its something to do. Only rule is it has to be a picture taken after 1/1/10, can't use an old one. Even if you use a crappy Canon or worse, a...
  19. dave.

    Golfing new years resolution

    I vow not to buy any more clubs until my handicap comes down, I will allow myself 1 club per 0.1 (been given a cap of 5 for first year back after 3 years not being a member) I also vow to abuse club ho's as much as I like here And I also resolve to abuse anyone who lists what shoes they...
  20. dave.

    10th tee, Yorkshire, England

    You girls in Canada don't know real weather, we had a full 2 cms snow last night,play impossible.