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  1. Tee 1 Up

    Longest Drive In Golf History

    Well whoever did hit the longest drive. You can bet money he was using the HAMMER... POWWWWW!
  2. Tee 1 Up

    Someone figure this out!

    We played a side game some time ago and really liked it . It gave everyone no matter the skill level a chance to win. So I was looking on line for it and found it but I can't remember if the high score wins or the low I can't think straight right now. So here's a example and you tell me...
  3. Tee 1 Up

    Bear Trace '07 pics

    We played it last year and for the Name on the course I thought that it would be a little nicer. I guess I am comparing it to courses at M.B. that I have played with big names thrown on them. We are planing another trip to Crossville soon but Bear trace isn't on the list.
  4. Tee 1 Up

    University of Tenn. White Hot 2 Ball putter

    Hey maybe I can help. I am from Knoxville. Call information and ask for hound dogs in west town mall here in Kville. I have saw them there.
  5. Tee 1 Up

    Cobra driver question....

    I have a Cobra F Speed driver that I am really happy with but like all of us I am looking for that extra couple yards where ever I can find it. I have had this driver shortened and weighted etc and don't want to reshaft it and then find I am not happy so I was going to buy a used f speed off...
  6. Tee 1 Up

    Nike Sumo2 for sale

    Just picked up the nike sumo square and just can't adjust to it. I am looking to let it go for 160.00. Will consider trade for a Cobre F Speed LD 10.5 stiff. Let me know if your interested or need pics.
  7. Tee 1 Up

    Rock Bottom Golf on eBay

    I picked up a pair of Nike sp4 leather saddle golf shoes from them for 15.00 and had no problems what so ever. Go for it!
  8. Tee 1 Up

    PGA Tour Superstore

    Oh O.K. I got cha. Yeah I could spend a day in there no problem.
  9. Tee 1 Up

    PGA Tour Superstore

    I can't believe I missed these in Myrtle. The only ones I have been in is Martin's and Golf Dimensions.
  10. Tee 1 Up

    Go Sox!

    Yeah good thing they didn't have to play the yankee's then. Since the biggest payroll wins.. Ooops wait a min. We had a better record than the Yankees so I guess that excuse dosen't hold water!! Bottom line is the Rockies were behind the eight ball from the first pitch and I loved every min of...
  11. Tee 1 Up

    Selling a World Of Warcraft account

    Well I haven't been on this forum very long but I would just like to say- NERD! Does this sale of this include a pocket protector as well?
  12. Tee 1 Up

    This thing with removing the colour from gear

    To each their own. You all are staring to act like a bunch of women.. Just kidding ..Don't everyone get all rilled up..
  13. Tee 1 Up

    Golf Club Counterfeiting

    As far as preformance goes on the clones. My dad was just starting to get into golf years ago and for his birthday I bought him a set of Ping ISI copies. Same look and shape but obviously a different apearance to the back side of the iron. But here awhile back my brother had just sold his Pings...
  14. Tee 1 Up

    A Big HEY! - From Tennessee

    Welcome seventh! I am just down the road here in Knoxville.
  15. Tee 1 Up

    What's your average driving distant? Let me tell you mine.

    I totally agree...And just for your info. The guy we have on here driving 275-280 all carry missed his calling because he is out driving Bubba Watson. ----I was born at night but not last night. Keep dreaming!
  16. Tee 1 Up

    How many of you have a sky caddie and what do you think of it??

    My B-day is just around the corner and was thinking of getting the sg3 sky caddie. Do any of you have one of these and if so what do you think of it. I don't know if this is one of those things I will get and not use, or one I will get it and not be able to play without. So what is your opinion ??
  17. Tee 1 Up

    Your kidding right?

    But he did this in a couple of months. That just dosen't happen.
  18. Tee 1 Up

    Yahoo Handicap Tracker Group

    Me too. I already use this service but figured I would join the group too. Maybe next time..
  19. Tee 1 Up

    Fore Inventors What would you buy?

    I kinda liked the deal that hooked to the cart and tilted your bag toward you like the ogio bags do. But I think they sent him packin". I usually try to think ahead of the shows. So I am going to go with the camera as the winner. For the biggest reason is they are going to award the winner a...
  20. Tee 1 Up

    My set is complete! Take a look at PERFECTION

    Isn't that too close to your 56 I would think you would at least want a 52. But that's just my opinion.