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  1. usa1950

    Sundog glasses, Hunter Mahan "H" series.

    I play in a pair of Oakley Square Wires. Black Iridium lenses. Not golf specific lenses, but of my three pairs of Oakleys, these are my favorites for golf mainly because of the shape of the lense/frame.
  2. usa1950

    Srixon Z-Star

    Incredible price -- for my favorite ball! I'd have to put a dozen Z's in a different Srixon box and hope for a naive cashier in order to get that kind of deal.
  3. usa1950

    Dueling eagles

    Hey Rock... What course, hole, city? (If you don't mind)
  4. usa1950

    Dontcha hate it when....

    No talking on the tee box? I've been to about 75 PGA events (used to work out there) - and talking happens on just about EVERY tee box. I played high school and college golf - same thing. Some clown does the above to me and I immediately bet him and do my best to take his $ while talking...
  5. usa1950

    So i did it, blades.

  6. usa1950

    Your Favorite Ball?

    Never played a Nike 20 ball. What do you like about them, in comparison to others?
  7. usa1950

    Your Favorite Ball?

    Reviving an old thread but I can't get over how great the Srixon Z-Star balls are. As much spin off the irons as any ball I've ever played including Pro-V's and all balls in that tier, but unlike most of the balls that will "shred" a little or get groove marks after just a few holes, the Srixon...
  8. usa1950

    whats the best "low spin" golf balls?...

    Every major manufacturer will have an option. Instead of Pro-V's, try the NXT. Instead of Srixon Z-Star, try the AD-333, etc for other ball manufacturers.
  9. usa1950

    Your first eagle?

    I've been a single digit for about 15 years, maybe slightly more, so I have no idea how many I have had, or my first. My most memorable was from a High School Tournament, 9th hole, a relatively short par for with an uphill second shot that was partially blind (could see the top half of the...
  10. usa1950

    Urban golf trick shots

    Good stuff. Surely some of the shots (fishbowl chip) were tried many times until success, but clearly these guys are talented, creative, and are good showman. The rugby ball was interesting. That would have to put quite a load on the shaft and clubhead would it not? It's nice to see baseball...
  11. usa1950

    This may be the most beautiful putter made!

    If we are jugding the beauty of that putter relative to the other Ping Anser clones, say clones #1,500 to 2,000, then it is somewhat nice looking I guess. Looking at all the Anser clones, from #1 to #12,456,790, wait, a new one came out, so that's 12,456,791 now. Well, that's a different story...
  12. usa1950

    New Grip advice

    Winn, winn, WINN!!!!! They don't get much love here, but I have used nothing but winn for 15 years.... Soft, firm, and everything in between. eBay much cheaper than your local golf shop.....
  13. usa1950

    Good golf book

    Try "The gods of Golf". David L Smith. Amazon has it full price. I got off eBay for $5 or so. Lots of 5 star reviews on amazon. The Gods of Golf:Amazon:Books http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51lTBATSZGL._SY400_SX310_.jpg
  14. usa1950

    Anser 2 v.s. Anser 2i???

    Maybe it's just me and my distaste for insert putters...... But I've always found that BALL selecton provides more feel than any insert. Go with the straight Anser 2 (I played the same one for 20 years) and play around a but with ball selection???? Once you start trying to find out what one...
  15. usa1950

    Got a SC Red X....Where to get it refinished?

    Wait until you get some holiday money this winter or even tax time next year and splash out a little extra $ for the trip to the Cameron Shop.....
  16. usa1950

    Ping Putter Question

    A B-60 is to an Anser like Paula Creamer is to Laura Davies......
  17. usa1950

    What area to improve upon

    I'll be between 75 and 85 for most of the summer, with the occassional high 80's on the card. For me, it's shots from 150-200 then putts from 10 - 20 (I can lag all day from distance, but don't make enough from this range) Driver is fine, (won the long drive at the Corporate Outing...
  18. usa1950

    My first putter refinish

    Be cautious not to have a glare on the top line.... first time you set up for a 6 footer for par that you really NEED (for $ or just to score well) and the sun is as such that you blind yourself with the glare off the putter, you'll miss it for sure.
  19. usa1950

    Top 10 In USA You Have Played In Order

    Did you ever play the "Old" Forest Park? The Monster? It is on my list.
  20. usa1950

    Could Tiger beat an average golfer with just a putter?

    Could Tiger shoot 105 with a putter? On a typical 6,500 yard track? He would need a half dozen or so 6's and lots of 5's. If there are not a lot of forced carries, or lots of carries over water on Par 3's, he MIGHT be able to.