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  1. Tee 1 Up

    Someone figure this out!

    We played a side game some time ago and really liked it . It gave everyone no matter the skill level a chance to win. So I was looking on line for it and found it but I can't remember if the high score wins or the low I can't think straight right now. So here's a example and you tell me...
  2. Tee 1 Up

    Cobra driver question....

    I have a Cobra F Speed driver that I am really happy with but like all of us I am looking for that extra couple yards where ever I can find it. I have had this driver shortened and weighted etc and don't want to reshaft it and then find I am not happy so I was going to buy a used f speed off...
  3. Tee 1 Up

    Nike Sumo2 for sale

    Just picked up the nike sumo square and just can't adjust to it. I am looking to let it go for 160.00. Will consider trade for a Cobre F Speed LD 10.5 stiff. Let me know if your interested or need pics.
  4. Tee 1 Up

    How many of you have a sky caddie and what do you think of it??

    My B-day is just around the corner and was thinking of getting the sg3 sky caddie. Do any of you have one of these and if so what do you think of it. I don't know if this is one of those things I will get and not use, or one I will get it and not be able to play without. So what is your opinion ??
  5. Tee 1 Up

    Newbie here from Tennessee.

    Hello everyone just joioned up with you guys today and figured I would introduce myself and say hi.