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  1. MattyB

    Car Wash App

    Hey guys, was just wondering if any of you have seen an app in your country (an application for you old geezers, used on a smart phone) where you can purchase a car wash (whether it be at a service/petrol/gas station, car valet place etc) via an app and not have to purchase one from inside the...
  2. MattyB

    Chiropractor thoughts

    How many of you guys have used/use a chiropractor? I've always wondered how good it feels to walk outta there, but was also wondering do you need a real reason to go there in the first place?
  3. MattyB

    Proud moment

    Father's Day here in NZ, here's a present from my 7yr old girl.
  4. MattyB

    WTB - Laser range finder

    Just gonna throw it out there. Anyone got a decent laser range finder that you wouldn't mind letting go of? In the market for one finally (feel my game is near the point it's needed). Have searched and got a few models in mind so let me know what you got. Cheers
  5. MattyB

    Wedge distances on shaft

    Anyone able to confirm that writing my distances for my wedges on the shafts is ok to do? Been trying to google it but cant find anything on it. Instead of checking a booklet etc each shot, i can just check the shafts and sooner or later know them off by heart.
  6. MattyB

    Puma BioFusion Golf Shoes

    Well I've played about 4 rounds in these puppies now, all in wet ground I'll add. Not once have I taken them off to any sign of wetness. This is exactly what I wanted first and foremost with a new shoe purchase. Something that bugged me about the M.Project shoes was the tounge often slid to one...
  7. MattyB

    Wilson Ci11 irons

    Most likely a long shot, but anyone have a set of these irons (Wilson Ci11 irons) that need a new home? In the market for some once again.
  8. MattyB

    Injury report

    Anyone had pain in their wrist/top of hand when driving? Been crushing some nice long drives (draws of course :P ) but some pain is creeping in on my right hand after these drives. Any idea what it's from? Or could be from?
  9. MattyB

    Head from a lady

    Quick question about iron heads from women sets. Are they any different? Or are women sets named that because of the shaft type?
  10. MattyB

    Sad day for HO'ing

    After a quick look at the bank account and purchases over the last few months ($1500+), im calling quits on HO'ing for 2015 and putting my future HO dollars to a more appropriate cause. Just signed up to Evolvr online golf video analysis. I've got enough extra golf stuff in the garage to buy...
  11. MattyB

    WTB - iron head set

    Looking for a decent set of iron heads for my next project. Going to be a full custom iron set build from top to bottom and most likely make them my gamers. List here what you have spare and I'll get back to ya.
  12. MattyB

    WTB - Low Launch, Low/Mid spin Driver shaft

    Keen to get my hands on some decent driver shafts. Nothing on the local buy and sell sites. eBay still a bit over priced. Looking for low Launch, low/mid spin stiff shafts. Cheers
  13. MattyB

    Wilson Staff irons

    Anyone game or trialled a newer model of irons from WS? I'm reading some pretty good things about them and despite there not being much hype about the brand im actually thinking of selling up my current set and buying some decent irons by these guys.
  14. MattyB

    Razr Fit Xtreme shaft + tip

    Anyone got the mentioned shaft and tip? Ideally Stiff flex and able to ship to NZ.
  15. MattyB

    Putting alignment aid or not?

    Been killing time tonight and got onto the topic of 'naked' putters and 'sighted' putters. My current gamer is a 'naked' snake eyes blade putter. Have been struggling with accuracy lately and decided to grab from the garage the NC Exchange putter (traditional style putter) with a sight line on...
  16. MattyB

    Motore F1 driver shaft

    Anyone used one of these? Been offered one for cheap but unsure if it's worth it. It's a stock shaft for a few clubs isn't it?
  17. MattyB

    MattyB's project thread

    Because I'm suddenly addicted to little projects, thought I'd start this rather than one every few days. Latest beginnings, a Wilson putter with the TFC graphite shaft from my old Ping Rapture driver. Looks cool already. You can see I sanded everything but the back of it. Has a nice silver...
  18. MattyB

    Removing iron shaft

    So the Flying Scot clubs I picked up yesterday had those 2 heads which had snapped off at the head. I managed to hear and pull one out only because it had a couple inches left coming out of the hosel. However the second head has absolutely nothing exposed outside the hosel. Anyone know of a good...
  19. MattyB

    Links Inspired

    My next project with bits and pieces I've gathered over the last few weeks. Miz TP-19 head 2 iron, Alidila VS Hybrid shaft, spare GP grip. Very excited about getting this done tonight and swinging it haha. Unsure what the outcome will be but this is another thing I'm starting to enjoy.
  20. MattyB

    Pro's goooooone

    Dick’s fires more than 500 PGA pros - GolfWRX Didn't realise they had one at every store until I saw this in Facebook.