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  1. azgreg


    I'm mostly at GolfBuzz.
  2. azgreg

    I joined a club

    Heading out in the morning for Vegas and the World Championship. Wish me and my ailing back luck.
  3. azgreg

    I don't claim him...

    I ran a couple of mini triathlons while in the Army. Quarter mile swim, 25 mile bike ride, followed by a 5 mile run. All in gear with a 20 lb ruck sack. Good times. I'm exhausted just thinking about it now.
  4. azgreg

    Golf Bag Overhaul...

    One of the best set of irons I've ever owned was the Cleveland CG2's. Wish I still had them.
  5. azgreg

    What golf bag cover can I add to this bag?

    What's this "playing in the rain" bullshit you guys are talking about?
  6. azgreg

    No golf for a few days

    Get well Limp.
  7. azgreg

    Official: 2022 Open Championship Challenge

    Doesn't Mark come to the states on occasion? Maybe wait until his next visit to get it to him.
  8. azgreg

    I joined a club

    Winner winner chicken dinner!
  9. azgreg

    Official: 2022 Open Championship Challenge

    Rory McIlroy Xander Schauffele Scottie Scheffler Will Zalatoris
  10. azgreg

    Fairwaysplitter3320 (Nick)

    Glad you're better Nick.
  11. azgreg

    New here

    All that information is new to me.
  12. azgreg

    New here

    It's spelled Glark.
  13. azgreg

    Can we have a U.S. Open Banter Thread??

    Considering the situation, that shot is easily in the top 5 of all shots.
  14. azgreg

    New here

    Welcome. Stay away from Glark. he's a biter.
  15. azgreg

    Can we have a U.S. Open Banter Thread??

    Love this tournament and Brookline looks fantastic.
  16. azgreg

    Official: 2022 US Open Challenge

    Jon Rahm Rory McIlroy Justin Thomas Tony Finau
  17. azgreg

    The LIV (Saudi Tour) Thread

    This is getting very interesting.
  18. azgreg

    The LIV (Saudi Tour) Thread

    Fowler is considering it.
  19. azgreg

    7 WOOD; 9 WOOD

    Love my TM V-Steel 7w. Currently hunting for the matching 9w.