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  1. MCDavis


    I'm always around, just don't post as much. Kinda busy the last couple of years with the real estate boom, going to the gym almost every day (generally miss no more than 2 days/month), and going out at night more.
  2. MCDavis

    For Jeff4i

    Truer words were never spoken
  3. MCDavis

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Pretty sure, in Glark's case, it's called worm oil.
  4. MCDavis

    A celebrity in your midst!

    Yeah, like you're the first limp president this country has ever seen. ;) Congrats Limp!! I agree that you can't complain if you don't get involved (presided over a few boards as well). So good for you!
  5. MCDavis

    Merry Christmas, Y'all!!!

    Look who stuck their head in! What's happening little buddy? I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and that it's not over yet, like in my case! Now I gotta look up the rules about suggesting that you stay sober...
  6. MCDavis

    My New Winter Project

    Nice looking clubs wbl!!
  7. MCDavis

    GOT EEM!!!!

    Nice! I got a 6 pt. with my car recently...does that count? ;)
  8. MCDavis

    Which 2nd Hybrid?

  9. MCDavis

    My little sister

    Playing? Don't you mean hacking up the course? 😆 Pics are required, you know
  10. MCDavis

    what did you shoot today?

    How are you doing, limp? And popping's not too bad, as long as snap and crackle don't come along as well.
  11. MCDavis

    Which 2nd Hybrid?

    Only for you, limp
  12. MCDavis

    The New Music Thread

    I like Shinedown, this is just a cool video of a break during a concert
  13. MCDavis

    Which 2nd Hybrid?

    Yes (It sucks being a Washington fan). You do realize that I don't wear capris nor drink wine coolers, and I wear shirts?
  14. MCDavis

    Driver shaft flex

    Aw damn, there went the neighborhood. 😆 Whassup Rock? Still hitting it long and strong?
  15. MCDavis

    Lesson today

    No no...it's s-t-u-p-i-d not b-o-l-d...damn you can't spell.
  16. MCDavis

    Which 2nd Hybrid?

    And that's a mental image that I'm never getting rid of...you in capris, drinking a wine cooler, wearing a Pats blouse.
  17. MCDavis

    Which 2nd Hybrid?

    Iron covers are up there with men wearing capris, drinking wine coolers, and pulling for the Patriots.
  18. MCDavis

    2022 General Discussions

    I used to be happy if I started with a bogey.
  19. MCDavis


    So, more often than your underwear. Got it.
  20. MCDavis

    The LIV (Saudi Tour) Thread

    Well of course, because he's not as qualified as he was before. :rolleyes: