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  1. xamilo


    As someone who had never experienced an over 40C temperature in Sydney Australia, having had the last two summers in Sydney over 45C and full of smoke due to the wild forest fires I’d differ about the “weather not changing”
  2. xamilo


    En here on and off since 2007. Wow. Hadn’t realized that
  3. xamilo

    Need new(to me) iron and bag suggestions...

    Look for the pxg offering. New the 0211 go for around $75 a club. You can’t beat that
  4. xamilo


  5. xamilo

    What's the weather where you are?

    Bloody 29 today. Expecting 30 tomorrow. I hate it here 🥲
  6. xamilo

    Flex Head Tees

    I would have thought they sucked and didn’t work but if you say so the. That’s awesome. Ill try to get my hands in a few of those (my wife is the queen of breaking a tee every drive)
  7. xamilo

    2021-2022 NFL Season

    Hey! The a ears are really going to show up this ye…. Ok I’m sorry. You are right …
  8. xamilo

    2022 General Discussions

    They’ll throw enough money to make the pga players treason their own conscience
  9. xamilo

    2021-2022 NFL Season

    Damn! They actually won!!!!!
  10. xamilo

    2021-2022 NFL Season

    Bengals because they are my wife’s team even if they won’t win 😁
  11. xamilo

    2021-2022 NFL Season

    I have the same feeling about Dallas but the Steelers compete fiercely fir the most hated
  12. xamilo

    How about these new drivers

    I like the fact you can get different color faces in the Taylormade 😁
  13. xamilo

    2021-2022 NFL Season

    I think the Raiders are just way to unpredictable
  14. xamilo

    2021-2022 NFL Season

    With the third string QB 🤣. Hard to understand
  15. xamilo

    Short personal note...

    That’s awesome mate. it’s so difficult to ensure a fast recovery after such a surgery
  16. xamilo

    TT Lite A shaft

    It’s a shaft between lady and regular, something like a “senior”
  17. xamilo

    What did you buy today?

    I know its nothing compared to you guys but here is my new purchase! as someone coming back after years I needed some new shoes to start with hehehehe
  18. xamilo

    2021-2022 NFL Season

    I still can’t forgive them for losing to the Bucs last year