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  1. VtDivot

    TM - up for sale. Good or bad thing?

    Well - I'm playing TM 300 Forged, one of the greatest irons of all time IMO
  2. VtDivot

    TM - up for sale. Good or bad thing?

    I will be playing a full bag of TM clubs this year believe it or not... Except for the putter ;-)
  3. VtDivot

    The bag is being shuffled

    Sorry - been incarcerated for insider trading for the past 18 mos.
  4. VtDivot

    UST proforce avixcore black

    I had the axivcore black in a Ping i3. Was the prettiest driver I ever had. Results however... It was just a brutal combo.
  5. VtDivot

    The bag is being shuffled

    You still have time for golf? Don't you have 4 or 5 kids by now???
  6. VtDivot

    Official: Open Championship Challenge

    Luke Donald Sergio Garcia Ernie Els Lee Westwood
  7. VtDivot

    Show me your gif....

  8. VtDivot

    IT guys...

    yup - use open office if you don't have word.
  9. VtDivot

    IT guys...

    Do you have Word?
  10. VtDivot

    IT guys...

    Just another thought, you don't necessarily need to be a programmer to work in IT. There are roles for people who can design, implement, suppport, build, test, project manage, networking, systems, hosting etc. I used to write lots of code (java, xslt, PL/SQL stored procs etc) now I work more...
  11. VtDivot

    Rory McIlroy: 'No Excuse for Quitting'

    Class. Sounds like a hockey player.
  12. VtDivot

    Golf Boys tear it up again ...

    I think it's great. Looks like they are having fun. Raising money for charity also.
  13. VtDivot


    MC what do you think, season lost now?
  14. VtDivot

    This or That...

    Salt water. Diving or snorkeling
  15. VtDivot

    Super Bowl

    Surprised by the play calling inside the 10. I would have rolled the QB out of the pocket away from the pull and put him one on one with a DB.
  16. VtDivot

    This or That...

    Pebble. Flinstones or Jetsons?
  17. VtDivot

    What is it about this place?

    Over a month since R35 has been here... not a good sign.
  18. VtDivot

    Tour or non?

    I went for the adjustable driver and it's set at D1 neutral face and default loft. I can switch it if I want, and I probably should move it to more fade bias. I was in the same scenario about which head to get and I went with the smaller head because I like the way it looks. I also put in the...
  19. VtDivot

    New toy

    Well this isn't golf related, but since I know there are some carpenter/hobbyist types like myself out there that can appreciate this. I am drinking the green kool-aid and placed my order.
  20. VtDivot

    Golf magic

    Light and fun http://biggeekdad.com/2013/01/golf-magicians/