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  1. Jordan Spieth


    What I'm doing is top secret. Having said that, if I were a betting man I'd put money on me for the Open Championship.
  2. Jordan Spieth

    Sammy Spieth

  3. Jordan Spieth

    Official: 2021 US Open Coffee Cup Challenge

    Just for that, I'm winning.
  4. Jordan Spieth

    PGATOUR.COM: 'Jordan Spieth's Downturn Started With a Previously Undisclosed Injury'

    Heh, I said everyone's got a reason to "get off." I'm funny.
  5. Jordan Spieth

    As usual!

    Spoiler: I do not.
  6. Jordan Spieth

    I'm counting this as an ace. Would you?

    Jordan Spieth just got the worst bounce of the year while playing in a charity event with Tony Romo
  7. Jordan Spieth

    Speaking of Jordan Spieth...

    68 is a decent score, but I assure you I am not 68 years old. :)
  8. Jordan Spieth

    Retiring at Age 25

    I quit.
  9. Jordan Spieth

    2018 Ryder Cup thread

    Excited to team up with this guy on Friday!
  10. Jordan Spieth

    What ever happened to?

    I'm still here.
  11. Jordan Spieth

    Hi from Texas!

    I actually know Lamboryta, or "Lam" as I like to call him. He lives down the street from me and makes great Pho.
  12. Jordan Spieth

    Dean & Deluca Invitational

    Okay. I think I'm going to go out and buy a few Lamborghinis and have a demolition derby with Rickie and Justin. Later!
  13. Jordan Spieth

    Wut ... no Hyundai Tournament of Champions thread?

    Sorry, I've been busy. :)
  14. Jordan Spieth

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    I'm looking to improve that this season. Any tips?
  15. Jordan Spieth

    New guy from Texas

    Thanks for the interesting welcomes, I had heard this was a really accepting place. PaPaD, I won't mention the Cowboys as long as you don't mention the Broncos, deal? azgreg, we'll keep working on my putting, it can always be better. Anonymous golfaholic, I'll bet a ShotTalk outing is loads of...
  16. Jordan Spieth

    New guy from Texas

    Hi folks, Jordan from Dallas here. Just signed up and looking forward to some great golf conversations during the off-season. JS