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    Callaway ION Glove

    very nice :thumbs up:
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    Cheap Cavity Back set, opinions?

    yea I saw those hogans, they look nice, i just dont have that money right now and if I did, a buddy of mine can get me a new set of Berthas for just over $300
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    Cheap Cavity Back set, opinions?

    I'm thinking about getting one of these two sets of irons soon, not sure which one yet, but they are definitely in my price range, and i've used orlimar cavity backs before, a friend has some, and they hit great. My question is, what are the disadvantages of getting one of these cheaper sets...
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    anybody looking for wedges? check these out

    I was browsing ebay and found a great deal, check these out, awesome price, anybody have any experience as to if these are any good or not? NEW ADAMS GOLF WATSON PVD GAP SAND & LOB 3-WEDGE SET - eBay (item 120437163264 end time Jun-24-09 08:00:17 PDT)
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    looking for some super game improvement irons for lighter pockets?

    Yea, I checked those on that site pre-owned and they were still too far up there for me right now, although I did see a few used for ~$300 on Ebay, does anyone have experience with those cheaper sets such as the Maxfli or the Slazenger?
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    Good place to find individual irons?

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    looking for some super game improvement irons for lighter pockets?

    Hey yall, i'm about to purchase a set of irons in a couple weeks, and I have been trying to figure out what the best option for a price of under $250 for some super game improvement (when I say that I mean major cavity back) irons and would like to know if anybody had any input for me? I have...
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    Whats the closest you've came to a hole in one?.

    I never thought i'd see a shot like the one i hit this past saturday at a course in stone mountain, it was a short par 3, chose to try my 8 which I cant hit very well, but it was the right club. I hit it, prayed, and it came down, rolled, and stopped within 6 inches! I couldnt believe what...
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    Whats goin on everybody, new from Augusta

    Hows it goin fellow duffers, hackers, pros and semi's, My name's Bryan and i'm from Augusta, GA where i play about weekly-biweekly and i'm in Atlanta every weekend where i try to play there as well. I used to swing a little and had some lessons when i was younger but that was about 10 years...