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  1. Skiddlydiddly

    The 2010 Masters coffee cup challenge

    Padraig Harrington Heath Slocum Sergio Garcia Jim Furyk
  2. Skiddlydiddly

    Way to Go Ernie

    Good to see him doing well. He's one of my favourites. Hope he wins alot more.
  3. Skiddlydiddly

    Where to buy components?

    You can register with Wishon. You just have to fill out a form, and maybe have an email conversation. Even if you're a novice, they just want to make sure you won't represent them poorly. And that you're not looking to make money at it, since you're not a pro. I'm registered. They're great to...
  4. Skiddlydiddly

    Wishon 870ti Irons

    I is just me, or does Wishon stuff look alot better in real life (or in 'hands-on' photos, as here), that in the catalog? It all looks clunkier in the catalog...
  5. Skiddlydiddly

    2010 GD Hot List...

    Whenever I see this list mentioned, I always think "G** D*** Hot List." Carry on.
  6. Skiddlydiddly

    When you think design has hit the deepest bottom

    So what does it transform into?
  7. Skiddlydiddly

    Is there a huge dif. in "clones" and name brand irons?

    Seconded. or 3rd'ed. Whatever. :tongue:
  8. Skiddlydiddly

    gps range finders

    I have the Bushnell Neo. Terrific value. Reliable, accurate, extremely simple to use. Have had no problems with it thus far (1 season). EDIT: Also, you download every course you might need (up to 100 I think), as the files are yours to keep, then don't renew your membership.
  9. Skiddlydiddly

    If you knew it was Illegal, would you hit it???

    I don't have a problem with anyone producing a non-conforming head, as long as everyone knows it's non-conforming. Seems to me that if Geek is up front about it, and everyone who buys it knows that it's not legal, they're not doing anything wrong. They're not telling anyone to break the...
  10. Skiddlydiddly

    We need a golf writer

    Agreed. I think it was a spam thread that convinced me to join this site. Something about a camera mount for your golf cart, I think. The members and the spammer were making fun of each other back and forth, complete with photochopped pic gags. Funny stuff.
  11. Skiddlydiddly

    If you knew it was Illegal, would you hit it???

    Using it for tournament play, or even any type of friendly competition, would be cheating. I'd certainly play it just for fun, though.
  12. Skiddlydiddly

    Value golf clubs?

    Yeah, I almost went for those clubs after all the talk here about them. In the end, went with some of Hireko's SGI shovels. 3-wood, too. They make good stuff, IMO. Awesome value for your dollar.
  13. Skiddlydiddly

    Diamond Tour Components

    I would tend to put them in the 'high end' category, mainly for their forged irons, which are pretty sweet... Don't know anything about Diamond Tour, though...
  14. Skiddlydiddly

    Value golf clubs?

    The ones you mentioned are all good brands, for sure.
  15. Skiddlydiddly

    Steel Hyrbid Shaft

    As long as it's the right weight/length/flex/etc., no reason not to. I play steel in my hybrid and my 5-wood.
  16. Skiddlydiddly

    crap swing advice

    Maybe start calling him 'Coach'? Might get the hint. Or pretend to follow his advice, and hurt yourself doing so. Take some time off from work. Play lots of golf.
  17. Skiddlydiddly

    3 New in Oil Rubbed Bronze

    I like that finish. I think it would look good with gold or silver colored paintfill. A simple dot for alignment in gold or silver would look nice.
  18. Skiddlydiddly

    New ball if you havent tried it then order some

    So which model is it that you're testing? Wind or Fire? Not that I could afford these, anyway, at $40/doz...
  19. Skiddlydiddly

    My shaft puller

    Nice setup. Very clever.
  20. Skiddlydiddly

    New Mizuno 2010 Irons

    Now those are great looking clubs! All of them.