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  1. 1967GTA

    More forgiving irons

    Callaway Diablo Edge Forged, Callaway Diablo Edge, and Cleveland CG7's. I recently hit the Diablos and was blown away by the forgiveness, length and how easy it was to hit them.
  2. 1967GTA

    if you could play 4+ times a week, do you think

    absolutely. just a year or so ago i was playing 3 times per week and had my hncp down to a 4.5. now its around 8.5 cuz im only playing 3-4 times per month
  3. 1967GTA

    More forgiving irons...

    speaking of forgiving irons. my club had a demo day yesterday and the new Callaway Diablo Edge irons (not the Diablo forged) were probably THE most forgiving iron i have ever hit. they were a club longer than my current irons, and shots not hit pure still flew straight and long.... im thinking...
  4. 1967GTA

    2010 Swimsuit Edition

    oh my god....thats just wrong. sickening and wrong
  5. 1967GTA

    How do they get you so wrapped up?

    hmm, i kinda liked my cat. i had him for 15 years until he was killed 3 weeks ago. and he definitely had a personality
  6. 1967GTA

    How do they get you so wrapped up?

    Sorry for your loss. Something similar happened to me 3 weeks ago. My cat got into a fight with another animal and was killed. I went outside to call him in for breakfast and found him laying by the front door dead. Made a little headstone and also buried him in the backyard. Sucks for sure. I...
  7. 1967GTA

    Anyone have a 2-ball for sale?

    caddiesbag.com has them for $89.99 https://www.caddiesbag.com/ EDIT: oops, too late. you already got one
  8. 1967GTA

    Cally shaft question...

    DO IT! DO IT!!! You wont be sorry
  9. 1967GTA

    Cally shaft question...

    exactly. ive read on several forums where people talk of distance loss but i dont see any. its the most solid driver ive ever owned. hell, i might even buy another new one just to keep as a back-up. no distance loss here. plus, with the amount of fairways i hit with this thing, it was a...
  10. 1967GTA

    Cally shaft question...

    I dont have the ft-i tour, just the regular ft-i, and mine has the Fujikura 586 shaft. i freaking love it. I played a 9º FT-i for 3 years and recently sold it and started using a Nickent 4DX. Wrong Move. I was averaging 74% fairways with the FT-i. I hit less than half of that with the 4DX. A...
  11. 1967GTA

    Good 2nd set of clubs

    yeah, his budget is where we need to start. how much is he willing to spend? he can get decent sets on Ebay for $100-ish. Or, theres always places like callawaypreowned.com, touredgepreowned.com, globalgolf.com, 3ballsgolf.com (you can get nice NEW sets for CHEAP here too), rockbottomgolf.com, etc
  12. 1967GTA


  13. 1967GTA

    You think football is hardcore?

    holy cow. 36º water??? that would feel like being stabbed all over your body with ice picks...coldest water ive ever been in was 52º and it freaking HURT
  14. 1967GTA

    Hello to all from Jason 'The Boss' Godwin

    Here Here Bill Brasky!
  15. 1967GTA

    ho'ed an IQ

    i came so close to buying one of these yesterday off Callaway Pre Owned for $144.99 (also the Tour version). I recently sold my FT-i that was a fairway finding machine for me for the past 3 years and Ive been using the Nickent 4DX since then. And ever since Ive been using the 4DX, ive hit about...
  16. 1967GTA

    Precept Tour Premium Forged irons...

    good deal on these for someone. $85 plus shipping: Bridgestone Precept Tour Premium Forged 3-PW Stiff Nice - eBay (item 380216019001 end time Mar-23-10 15:48:27 PDT)
  17. 1967GTA

    Going for Gold

    i didnt even know there was such a thing as a "Belly Man"....ass man, breast man, leg man...but belly man???
  18. 1967GTA

    Going for Gold

    her goal weight is 1000lbs??? thats a whole bunch!!!
  19. 1967GTA

    I've been bust lately..

    Re: I've been busy lately.. geez, what did he put in the speaker cabinets??? by the way, that is gorgeous too
  20. 1967GTA

    I've been bust lately..

    Re: I've been busy lately.. maybe he has 4 of them like we do? 2 in the front, and 2 in the back?