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  1. Jules150

    How much money does a caddy make (not pga)

    a 14 year old kid just starting out carrying one bag would probably get around $45 for 18 at most clubs.
  2. Jules150

    P/T job suggestions

    Find a place you can caddy weekend mornings and you make like $200 for two days of work
  3. Jules150

    Bag is finaly done. I am through tinkering with it, it is what it is.

    it was only splinters of one though right?
  4. Jules150

    Annoying things

    Gee i just change the channel. Or fast forward through the commercials because we got this DVR show recorder
  5. Jules150

    Ogio Nexos stand bag

    Your probably not too popular with the local caddies if you break out a staff bag for them.
  6. Jules150

    Shottalk tour

    Count me in
  7. Jules150

    All of the tourny players here.

    The thread about mdduya's first tournament got me thinking...you guys who have been playing in tournaments for years, do you guys still get nervous? Last year was the first year i played tournaments and i got real nervous (almost throwing up) at the first tee, and it lasted until about the 6th...
  8. Jules150

    Website for your home course

    Allentown! thats a place i know. I live in ambler, about an hour south of you. My course -> Talamore Country Club
  9. Jules150

    Last kick at moving this stuff before e-bay (new lower prices)

    Man somebody better jump on those tad moores, they are a steal
  10. Jules150

    Something Evil...

    Did anybody look at the other pics? One makes them look like they dont have grooves, is that possible?
  11. Jules150

    Building your own putting green.

    Why not just go to a public course and use their practice putting green?
  12. Jules150

    Global warming is bollocks-OFFICial, Wisconsin made the news

    Peal Oil will dwarf global warming.
  13. Jules150

    Thats what I'm talking about!

    Is there some kind of search function i could use to find out if theres a TLT fitter in my area?
  14. Jules150

    This or that

    GR, the mods on wrx are turds. Get rich or Die trying?
  15. Jules150

    WI Deer Hunting Heaven

    If you get that many deer in three days you must have some sort of unfair advantage on them :) How many humans did the deer get?
  16. Jules150

    277yrds Off the deck!!!!!

    Why would it get thinner? The atoms are moving faster, so what? It would still be the same amount of air in the same place just the individual molecules and what not would be moving faster.
  17. Jules150

    277yrds Off the deck!!!!!

    I concede, humid air is lighter than dry air after all. strange.
  18. Jules150

    277yrds Off the deck!!!!!

    Hmmm, im still not buying humid air is lighter, i'll bring it up in physics tomorrow. Anyway now that i think about it water vapor in the air shouldnt make much a difference anyhow since it takes up less than 1% unless at the surface it takes up a larger percentage than 1% or somehow puts alot...
  19. Jules150

    WOW found some sweet pictures

    I saw those burner irons and nearly threw up, but then those macgregors came along, yum. Those wilson blades look sweet too I assuming those are pros clubs, you must be on crack if your a pro who plays a solus wedge. What a stupid gimmick
  20. Jules150

    My new business plan

    Dont forget to get it refinished