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  1. indacup

    So Edwin Watts filed bankruptcy...

    Most likely not....they have to change management to appease the BK agreement...but otherwise everything else will be the same.....they really extended themselves this past year by opening up many stores and I think they might have been too aggressive.
  2. indacup

    Scratch Wedges

    Sorry I didn't see this earlier......but Scratch clubs come standard with KBS shafts, unless otherwise requested...so I assume the deal from RBG would be the same..... BTW- Thats a better deal than I can get....which kinda irks me.... ;)
  3. indacup

    Driver loft and ball flight.

    Okay....so bear in mind there is a LOT of variables we cannot equate...i.e. wind speed, Altitude, Angle of impact, balls...etc.....So lets assume all the other variables are similar... 113 mph at a 9.5 should get you around 165.9 mph but a launch angle of only 8.5...so you must be really...
  4. indacup


    That movie had "Failure" written all over it.....now I just saw IRONMAN 3 and that was a different story!
  5. indacup

    New Server

    Well, I noticed I don't look alot smarter than before....is this a server problem?
  6. indacup

    Who's got pets? Let's see them!

    You must have a real state-of-the-art camera in order to be able to take a picture of those two in motion while still maintaining focus! :)
  7. indacup

    Geek golf "no brainer " driver

    Excellent...when you reach out to us, make sure you tell me or one of the employees here that you are a Shot-Talker, to get a full discount.
  8. indacup

    Who's got pets? Let's see them!

    Jim- I can empathize...I had to put down my best friend of 13 years...a Shepard/mix named Rewind...I was so devastated, it took me five years to even THINK of another dog.
  9. indacup

    Geek golf "no brainer " driver

    We are a Geek Dealer and have sold quite a few of these...and we can also fit you to a shaft/length/loft to best fit your game. Bear in mind, these are a bit heavier heads and will create a situation where your previous favorite shaft will now be a bit softer....you need to be fitted with...
  10. indacup

    Who's got pets? Let's see them!

    DIVOT the Wonderdog
  11. indacup

    What head?

    Oh yes, those are in BOTH of my bags!!!! The best wedges on the planet.
  12. indacup

    Mizzuno MP ball

    Mizuno made a line of golf balls years ago that were not released in the USA...I ended up getting a sleeve of them...hit one and saved the other two....same thing with the old Ping golf balls...limited run, now collectors items.
  13. indacup

    What head?

    Thats a great head... My #1 bag totes the Wishon #2 and #4 fairway woods.....couldn't be happier.
  14. indacup

    Name that movie

    That is it....the la la la ....etc was not set to music and was a male voice...creepy...reminded me of Nickelson saing "Here's Johnny" in the shining.
  15. indacup

    Name that movie

    Help! There was a horror film out years ago that featured the killer who made calls to his victim singing "la la la..." We cannot remember the villain!
  16. indacup

    My annual 5K run is this weekend!!

  17. indacup

    Mike Austin Swing

    Okay guys, here's probably one of the biggest issues/problems with the Austin method.... Mike Dunaway promoted himself as Austin's heir apparent.......then Dan Shauger took the same claim and they both fought and took it public (for awhile).....because their instructions/techniques were...
  18. indacup

    Mixing Shaft Stiffness

    Bear in mind that there is no industry standard for shaft flex.....plus you need to remember that shafts all have different profiles.. (i.e. stiff/soft tip, low/hi torque...etc). Plus, factory shafts are very not often the same as the intended after-market shafts. So since you are looking at a...
  19. indacup

    Mike Austin Swing

    Yes, and I questioned him at least twice that first day telling him I felt it was impossible. But Dan assured me it was all about teaching the body movements it was unaccustomed to... I remember specifically asking him that I thought the purpose of the Austin swing was because it was LESS...
  20. indacup

    Mike Austin Swing

    Wow. I am really shocked that someones very first post here, included a smart azz insult to someone they never met. Nice entrance pal. So tell me why do you say that? Did you see the lessons? Do you know what Dan told me to do? Wht do you base your accusation and insults on? I am not going...