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    WTB .355 taper iron shaft pulls

    im going to have a set of s300s from my 30/32s come out this afternoon interested? shoot me an email if so buykrux@live.ca
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    Penta TP ball

    i used it again last thursday. not quite the same results, off the driver it was really nice feeling, a bit longer than a pro vx i found. around the greens once again, the pro vx kicks the shit out of the penta for me. the penta just wont bite like the pro v and i cant throw wedges at the pin...
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    Penta TP ball

    they do play fairly long and like you said they feel sweet off the face. wednesday im going to play it side by side with the tour i(s) and a prov from 60 yards out and see how they compare
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    Cameron Putter

    i agree, it looks like its in good shape if you do want to refinish it contact kevin colbert of putter plating
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    Need advise from some shaft junkies...

    i havent hit nippons but hit both rifles and kbs yesturday in the titleist cb like mentioned above, i found the PX to be board and felt terribly stiff. i was hitting 6.0s the KBS felt really soft and ballooned. about 10 or so yards shorter than the PX but felt alot better. these were stiff. i...
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    Cameron Putter

    real most of the fakes i have seen are detours, studio selects and studio styles. great starting price!
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    Penta TP ball

    think what you like but both 2nd shots i used the ball on were hit right on the screws but if you say i didnt hit it square you must know...I did like taylor mades tp blacks but im not impressed with the penta from what i seen today. i dont think ill be picking up these any time soon unless...
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    Penta TP ball

    i used a penta today and almost threw up. felt awesome off the tee and off the clubface but didnt spin for shit! on two holes back to back the ball wouldnt juice, infact they rolled out alot...6 feet or so i hit a pured a 9 iron in on one hole, ballmark was about a foot or so infront of the...
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    WTB: 335 taper tip 3-pw Black golds stiff or px 6.0, maybe kbs tour stiff?

    looking for some iron shafts prefer black golds but will listen to other offers :D
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    giant golf sale

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    Tour Bags

    the bag is extremely well mades, awesome quality i have had the privilege to take a peak at all 3 bags there sweeet
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    Aldila VS Proto by You anyone????

    contact Maple Hill Golf in Michigan google them i think they had vs protos for 60$ send one of the kitchen brothers an email xvs7's were 120$ new with the tour issue skulls on them
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    new groove rule ad nauseum

    who cares? lol i doubt those irons will last another 15 years of abuse and unless you plan on going somewhere it really doesnt matter
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    How much would you say this bag is worth?

    its only worth what someone is going to pay the 08 one is only 59$ new in red and white
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    The new Ping gear

    at my course, many of the elder members LOVE ping ping could take goliath driver, write ping on it with a sharpie and charge 600$ and they would buy it i dont mind their stuff, i like their putters and the i15 woods look decent but IMO they should be working on a forged players iron ping items...
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    Where can you get Yardage Books?

    i use to have one that the courses pro shop gives out make little notes as to what clubs to hit where on whichs holes for example we have one par 4 thats 260 in the air to clear the ditch in the middle, 250 on the right with and 270 on the left 240 to lay up to the ditch and 225 to the 150 tees...
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    Is this even possible?

    you f*cked up 295 lol
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    Rory's new car

    only a Gallardo? i would have expected a revington
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    What are the Best STEEL IRON SHAFTS!!??

    IMO, Dynamic Golds S300 or X100s x100s feel great and dont play any stiffer than an s300 i have black golds currently they they are sweet feeling too Nippon, KBS and Project X sent the ball up way way to high to for me i had px once and i hooked the short irons baddd, and the long irons faded...
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    Longest Drive Ever?

    544 yards on tiger woods 06