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  1. keithpbz

    Rules question, belly putter grips

    I found where it says both grips must be round and atleast 1.5 inches apart but does it matter how thick they are. I was thinking about trying some non taper jumbo grips on my belly putter. Just need to know if it's within the rules.
  2. keithpbz

    Rules question, belly putter grips

    I got a question on belly putter grips. Could you use a oversized regular putter grip on a belly putter. Just run the shaft thru the butt of the grip and put some sort of rubber end on the end of the shaft.
  3. keithpbz

    belly putter shaft

    I am looking for a belly putter shaft with a .355 tip. I cant find them for sale anywhere, does anyone know where i can get one or am i gonna have to add an extension to a standard shaft?
  4. keithpbz

    rule question

    thanks, it was just a friendly match getting ready for a club championship that is match play
  5. keithpbz

    rule question

    Today on the 18th hole my ball hit some rocks in the lake and came out and was about a foot short of a road that is o.b. the ball was in bounds but my stance had me with a foot on the road, should i be entitled to relief for my stance or have to play it where it lies. I took relief and hit the...
  6. keithpbz

    Dynamic gold high launch

    I currently have dynamic gold x100's in all my irons, my longest iron is a 4 iron. I love the ball flight I get with these shafts except for my 4 and 5 iron, they come out alot lower than my 6 iron. Has anyone tried the high launch dynamic golds and do they make a noticable difference from the...
  7. keithpbz

    Walking Golfer

    I always walk when playing by myself, most people i play with always want a cart because they think it speeds up the round, all it does is make you wait longer for the group ahead of you to clear the green. Whenever i play tournaments i bring a caddy so i can concentrate a little more and not...
  8. keithpbz

    36 Today

    Did that last saturday at a club championship, it got up to 98* but was breezy all day so it never felt that hot but was still humid. Started at 8 and first round took over 5 hours and then ate lunch and second round only took 3 1/2 hours, long day of golf and got some sun on the face
  9. keithpbz

    Nike SV wedges?

    I use x100's in all my clubs including the wedges
  10. keithpbz

    Nike SV wedges?

    I carry 3 nike sv tour wedges and like them, i used to have some cg10's and these spin more for me than the clevelands did.
  11. keithpbz

    Questions For + Handicappers

    I play between a scratch and 1 handicap and have tracked my rounds over the last 2 years, i hit just over 50% of the fairways average about 65% greens but have a putting average of 32.5 for 18 holes. I used to hit range balls everyday and putted everyday but only for about 20 minutes and never...
  12. keithpbz

    Ho-ing knows no bounds

    I have been playing the pro combo os for 3 years, I put dg x-100's I. Them and love them. I want to get a new set next year but haven't found a set yet that I can hit as well, I used to have a Nike sumo driver and hated it. It was at the beginning of last year and the stock shaft was horrible...
  13. keithpbz

    Bushnell Pinseeker 1500 question...

    Next to the eyepiece in the top left corner it will say slope in small writing
  14. keithpbz

    New groove rule question

    I am changing careers this fall and moving south and getting my PGA teaching certification and gonna try playing in mini tours next year while I look for a assistant pro job, so I am trying to find out if my clubs will be legal to play in professional events or if I need to update.
  15. keithpbz

    New groove rule question

    I have some Nike pro combo os irons and Nike wedges and want to know if they comply with the new groove rule. Looked it up and they have what Nike calls a u/v groove to them, I heard yesterday that tiger already has been using the new grooves this year and I seen on tv that I use the same...
  16. keithpbz

    Good front 9 horrible back

    Played the 2nd round today and kept the ball in play and hit 14 greens but didnt make a putt over 3 foot. and no 1 putts all day, shot a 6 over 78 with 38 putts!! and missed 3 birdies that were inside 5 foot....
  17. keithpbz

    Good front 9 horrible back

    Oh and the guy in the scorers tent actually laughed and asked the F happened
  18. keithpbz

    Good front 9 horrible back

    Played a tournament today and shot a 3 under 33 on ten front and a 18 over 54 on the back, shock included 3 balls o.b. and 1 in the water and that was just on number 10. I took a 14 on that hole, oh an I also 3 putted it. Hit a couple duck hooks after that and put another one in the water and...
  19. keithpbz

    best golf balls for the price

    I played the gamers last year liked everything about them except the covers get torn up by wedges very easy, i have the same problems with the prov's. I am trying the bridgestone treosofts right now and havent torn any up but they dont spin for me at all, i dont mind knowing that every chip is...
  20. keithpbz

    Club Selection

    All my wedges have similar bounce so I can make the same swing with all of them. Did that so they all feel the same.