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  1. gunning4u

    Chris Wood & the PGA

    First post all summer!!!! I have been busy as hell with work, weddings, bachelor parties lady friend ext.... I only have about 5 rounds in all summer. Anyway, I was lucky enough to get off work and go watch the practice round up at Hazeltine. We got there and worked our way backwards down 18...
  2. gunning4u

    Taylormade LT2's 3-PW X100

    Taylormade Rac LT2 3-PW X-100 - eBay (item 220334579100 end time Dec-27-08 13:01:42 PST) Can't even get one bid WTF $200 is a damn steal 3 hrs left.
  3. gunning4u

    A few things I need gone (all items $75 sale)

    Jesus, I been gone for a couple of months and Lyle is now a member of team titleist, whats up with that.
  4. gunning4u

    Taylormade LT2's 3-PW X100

    Merry Christmas everyone, Looking to get rid of a set of Taylormade LT 2's that I have reshafted with Dynamic Gold X-100's, they are 2 degrees up and standard length. The shafts have been spine aligned using a JB spine tool. The grips are Golf Pride Tour Velvet Midsize and the 7 iron has a...
  5. gunning4u

    Divot in front of ball

    I think so he might be trying to get back into competition, he was on tour back in the 80's early 90's? I'm not sure but I think he might be considered an underachiever. He had a good amateur career but only won once on tour, and I think he had a big blow up in a major?. He also worked for CBS...
  6. gunning4u

    Divot in front of ball

    If you are new to golf I would suggest two books. Hogan's 5 lessons-Great book, easy read, its good for building your swing fundamentals. Bobby Clampett's Impact Zone-He talks about fundamentals but his main 2 points are lag and getting your swing bottom (the deepest part of the divot) 4" in...
  7. gunning4u

    Course Design Irritations

  8. gunning4u

    swing video

    I'm reading a book called The Plane Truth, Master Class. I don't own it yet I just take my lunch break at Barns&Noble and read it there. It breaks down and explains the two types of swings 1 plane vs. 2 plane swing. I think you have a two plane swing nothing wrong with that but if you are...
  9. gunning4u

    Tiger Woods and Zach Johnson comparative swing analysis

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. just go to youtube and type in tiger woods zach johnson and you should get it.
  10. gunning4u

    Tiger Woods and Zach Johnson comparative swing analysis

    Dont no I just watched it.
  11. gunning4u

    Tiger Woods and Zach Johnson comparative swing analysis

    I have been looking into stack and tilt and the one plane golf swing. I came across this video on you tube. I have been reading parts of Jim Hardy's The Plane Truth for Golfers Master Class. From what I understand stack and tilt and Hardy's definition of the one plane swing are very similar...
  12. gunning4u

    How many rds/holes played this year?

    I have 19 scores entered and I have played about 6 or 7 9 hole rounds. So I have about 22 rounds.
  13. gunning4u

    Calling all Club Champions

    I stunk the place up in our club tournament this year. I wasn't in the champion flight but finished tied for 5th in the 1st flight. I shot a real bad 84, I had a 4 putt, I hit my ball taking a practice swing on a chip and to top it all off I missed a putt that might have been inside 1 ft. It...
  14. gunning4u

    Miss Beer Cart Girl WI 2008

    I can't believe none of you drunken sconnies knew about this. I wouldn't throw any of the finalist out of the rack that's for sure. Next years WI Shot Talk outing should be at this place, I would even make the trip. Miss Beer Cart Wisconsin 2008
  15. gunning4u

    Thinking of going hybrid

    Try an 18* J33 or J36 I love my J33's.
  16. gunning4u

    Go Sergio!!!

    I would like to see him win also. Padraig just tied it up. Game on...........
  17. gunning4u

    Does the PGA feel like a major to you?

    Its just not as famous as the other majors. That said this might be a great finish today with Sergio and Padraig at the top of the leader board.
  18. gunning4u

    Clubs stolen

    That sucks man you had a sweet bag.
  19. gunning4u


    BHS its good to see nothing gets past you. I live down south in Kato. There are a few guys in here from MN but there are far more Packer turd loving sconies. :)
  20. gunning4u

    another swing speed question

    If you hit it over 300 I think you swing faster than 107. My swing speed is from 110-120 and I can hit 1 or 2 a round that go 300, but its usually more like 280ish on a good swing. I hit more balls that go way left or way right than over 300 so I'm guessing my average is maybe 260-270.