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  1. eclark53520

    How 'bout them CHIEFS!!!

    Same. I won a pretty big bet for the Chiefs pulling out the win.
  2. eclark53520

    Full Swing - Netflix Series

    Never heard of it. We dropped flix a while ago though...if we get it in the future I'll check it out
  3. eclark53520

    How 'bout them CHIEFS!!!

    I don't think it's BS to want refs to call games consistently regardless of game scenario...Why is wanting consistency the 'radical' idea here? If they're going to call it by the book, then call it by the book all the time(or at least most considering the human element). If you're going to...
  4. eclark53520

    How 'bout them CHIEFS!!!

    That's great. Lets call it on every single play then, because I just watched the 'highlights' of the game and saw holding according to that definition on almost every single play that was on the highlights....for both sides. As far as I recall, that was the ONLY time it was called the entire...
  5. eclark53520

    How 'bout them CHIEFS!!!

    I don't have a dog in the fight, but I agree...that 'tug' should not have been a foul. I don't know what the official language of the rule is, but in my opinion(which doesn't mean much) if it doesn't impede the receiver, it's not a foul. I don't think that tug on the jersey even remotely...
  6. eclark53520

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    You have an unhealthy affliction for my manhood.
  7. eclark53520

    Merry Christmas, Y'all!!!

    Definitely going to be having (more than) a few brandy old fashions. Merry Christmas everybody!
  8. eclark53520


    Nice to see ya around, bud.
  9. eclark53520


    I went to Texas once. Very hot. All the plants are sharp. Most of the bugs want to kill you. No thank you. I do appreciate their gun culture though.
  10. eclark53520


    Too busy hunting and about to start ice fishing. Not to mention my oldest has 2 practices a week for his tournament baseball team, middle son is on basketball, daughter is in swim and orchestra....I'm pretty busy but I stop in most days....just nothing to post about.
  11. eclark53520

    Christmas Lights...

    My wife puts up the Christmas lights. She likes it and does a good job. I couldn't care less about Christmas lights to be honest.
  12. eclark53520

    GOT EEM!!!!

    Only if you took him home and ate him lol
  13. eclark53520

    GOT EEM!!!!

    Another one bites the dust!
  14. eclark53520

    Driver shaft flex

    From my completely biased, non-scientific, completely based only in personal experience... I have found that the more stiff the shaft, the less dispersion issues I have, but the distance seems to suffer on perfect contacts. The softer the shaft, the further I can hit it when I hit it perfect...
  15. eclark53520

    Lesson today

    Tempting the golf gods...bold move
  16. eclark53520

    No golf for a few days

    He's too old for that now
  17. eclark53520

    No golf for a few days

    Hate to hear it, Limp. Get well soon, Sir!
  18. eclark53520


    Weather definitely changes. Every single day.
  19. eclark53520

    Anyone into bicycles?

    I've still been riding the Trek around town. It's a fantastic bike and I'm enjoying the hell out of it. Pretty much perfect for my use case. I don't take it off road really at all like I thought I might. The components are very nice middle of the road stuff(not junk, but not super fancy...
  20. eclark53520

    Anyone into bicycles?

    My father in law got my first boy one of those glide bikes....and he rode it randomly...still needed some training wheels time on a pedal bike to get going...but only a week or two. He just didn't really have the interest and drive to ride a bike, so he wouldn't really put the work into it...