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  1. J

    Broke 90 again!

    And this time it was on a much tougher course!!! I won an incentive and was down in st louis to watch the massacre of the rams!!!! Anyways me and my buddy found a course to play sunday morning before the game. And we found a good challenging course! Normandie Golf Course supposed to be...
  2. J

    GOD i love this game!

    sry sorry my internet was acting up please delete.
  3. J

    GOD i love this game!

    So go out this morning it is COLD!!! i had 3 hours of sleep and was a bit hungover!!! Needless to say i started the first 4 holes at 9 over!!!!!! Then i started to wake up and warm up and ran off 4 pars in a row and a birdie!!!! So ended up shooting a decent 9. The birdie was the highlight by...
  4. J

    Hit my first forged blade today!

    Now i know what everyone was talking about when they say blades feel buttery soft!!!! It was a good straight ball flight with a 15 mph left to right wind so would have been a nice draw!!! I am pretty sure i am going to buy these! Or try to get some of the adams idea pro combo irons they are...
  5. J

    Hit my first forged blade today!

    Was in checking out some irons at the local golf shop today. Like a thin top line and not bulky but still need some forgiveness. Well hit the adams A7 idea irons and the A7 hybrid (did not like!). And hit some nicklaus irons which were surpisingly good (rifle shafts)! Anyways the guy that...
  6. J

    Broke 90 for the first time but need some help!!!

    yea i think my whole thing was when i was taking my practice swings they were short and sweet. But when i would go at the ball i was taking a longer back stroke and that was throwing everything off. So i focused on keeping it short and sweet the whole time and it worked good. and keeping 70%...
  7. J

    Broke 90 for the first time but need some help!!!

    well i have been playing precept u tri tour, cally hx tour, pro v1, pretty decent balls. Have gotten good about not losing them! And yea it is just off the green. I think i solved some problems today. Went and played nine at a bit of an easier course and shot 5 over. With a double on a...
  8. J

    Broke 90 for the first time but need some help!!!

    So i played a local course haven't played all summer hit the ball off the tee great!!! Driver was battlling some snap hooks but got it straightened out and was SMOKING it the last few holes! The course is 6,700 and 139 slope! So its a pretty tough course! Putting was great no three putts and...
  9. J

    Best 9 EVER!!!

    Well it had been raining most of the day yesterday but got a break and took my son (4) with his new 9 iron and went to a local muni! Well didn't expect to be hitting it this good. Hit 5/8 fairways best ever! Hit 5/9 GIR best ever! Ended up with a 4 over 39! 8 par 4's all in the 350 to 450...
  10. J

    Improved my ball striking a ton!

    Was hitting the irons wonderful again today!!!! Stuck a 115 yd approach to 3 feet!! Put a 160 yd 8 iron to about 5 ft! Man i love having this new weapon and aspect of my game somewhat figured out! Now to get the long stick to cooperate with me. Any tricks on improving striking with the driver?
  11. J

    Improved my ball striking a ton!

    So i usually a sweeper of the ball no matter where i am or how far out i am from the green. Or if i put an effort into hitting down on the ball i usually hit it fat. Well i just happened to see online or see on here where someone said to look at the front of the ball well that just didn't work...
  12. J

    PGA Championship / coffe cup challenge

    Hope i do better than the last few so here it goes. Zach Attack on the par 5's Johnson! Anthony Kim has been hot as of late hope he continues Hunter Mahan - great driving stats for such a long course. Padraig Harrington - found his groove last week hope it continues!
  13. J

    Tips for comming off a poor putting round.

    What i have started doing that has helped my putting immensely is the KISS method! I just read the green as i am walking up breaks/up or down hill/ and then when i get up there pick a spot i want to hit the ball to take a few practice strokes and just go! I went from 18 putts last weekend to 14...
  14. J

    Need money few things for sale.

    weekly bump!
  15. J

    The Open coffee cup challenge

    m. kaymer p. harrington n. watney s. stricker
  16. J

    Missed it by "-----" that much! Eagle and ACE!

    Man missed my first eagle today by that much had about 60 yards left after hitting the worst 6 iron shot ever! Hit my 60* lob wedge right at the stick get on the green looking for my ball mark couldn't find it then look right next to the cup and dead center and half inch to the right there it...
  17. J

    Need money few things for sale.

    bump for lowered prices!!! feel free to throw offers my way.
  18. J

    Two good wedge prices which one?

    So my local pro shop Bobick's golf has a great deal on some good wedges. 69.99 for Wilson Tw9 milled wedges and 69.99 for Nike SV tour wedges. Any personal experiences? just looking for something to hold the greens not spin it back like the pros. And around the greens something that will put...
  19. J

    Shot Of The Day

    Mine was at a demo day! Downhill chip off the chipping green smalled the ball way down in the rough! hitting a 60* MD groove C grind x forged from 40 ft away. RANGE BALL comes spinning out like crazy hits checks up and then rolls into the cup ever so gently! SOLD me on the wedge right there!
  20. J

    Callaway Tour Van visit.

    Well went and got "fitted" today. Was kinda pissed the guy just threw me a wedge and said here hit this tell me how it feels and then disappeared forever. WEDGE'S - X forged felt great good distances on it was hitting about 120 with the 56* with the mack daddy grooves and stopping range balls...