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  1. K

    Talk About SLOW!!!

    Yesterday at the first tee,I noticed a ball almost hitting the tee box.No big,so I showed the guy where his ball was.They were on the ninth hole two guys.Anyways Buy the time I got to 14th the same guys i saw When i teed off were on the 16th.Talk about having a slow round .Felt sorry for those...
  2. K

    My hat's off to you.

    I've tried to break down my game like this as well.Then I realized that I couldn't because I had as many lucky bounces as I had mistakes.Just try and avoid the ten and your score will be acceptable.I just look at my scorecard to judge my game and the would'a could'a should'a all goes out the window.
  3. K

    Why do I play golf?

    There is always "that shot" that keeps me coming back. Keep an honest score and you will be rewarded.
  4. K

    Texas Course Review - a Canadian's persepective

    Those seem like some really nice courses.Can't wait until I can get down there to play.Looks like good times.
  5. K

    It's Club Championship weekend!!

    Hey prime rib and a keg of BEER,thats worth the 100$ right there.Sounds like a tun of fun and way to keep your head in the game after your Sunday practice round.;)
  6. K

    Big jerk at the course.

    Last Saterday we played a friendly tourny amoung our friends,Three threesomes,The course was tight,short,and public a clear discription of a slow playing course.Anyways I was in the first threesome and there was a twosome in front of us,and we kept up with them just fine.Safe to say the other...
  7. K

    So far my best game ever.

    First off I really suck.I held a tournament between myself and eight of my friends.Two of my buddies I've never beat before.Anyways I shot a true 96,I played every shot as it lied,and I finished the round with the same ball.I got five pars and six bogies and the rest of my game was really bad...
  8. K

    Rules/Etiquette Question

    I would say that you have to take the bogey.There is no telling where the ball could've ended up with the stick in.When I play we usually discuss weather you want the flag stick in or out or tended.Anyways, keep kicking daddy butt.good luck.