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    Getting on my nerves...

    i had a single two groups ahead of me last week who talked on his cell phone through the entire round. he'd set it down, take a shot, pick it up and continue his conversation. not only was he holding everyone, but he was talking so loud i could hear him talking. and i was in the 2nd group behind...
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    Death of Moe Norman

    it was titleist that paid him $5000 a month for life, for letting them video tape his swing so they could study it. actually it was a suprise to moe, they actually just "obtained" the footage and approched him later with with the news that they were going to pay him. moe was nearly broke at the...
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    New Hybrid on the block as of Oct 1

    must be part of callys restructuring. just a few months ago they said they wouldnt do hybrid because they had so much faith in their line of fwy woods. they gotta eat too.
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    Somebody has to do it.......

    Bangenstein HL, Merury Pro-Kevlar Bang-O-Matic 4, 7 woods, rifle Hogan CFT 3h, 4h stock steel (these are temps till SMTs hybrids come out) Bang SF 5-9 irons, Apollo Hump KZG ZO 48*, KZG Forged satin 52*, 56* Never Comprimise VooDoo center shaft
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    nevermind, mide a mistake

    nevermind couldnt get it to work.
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    new callaway irons

    here something for you callaway fans
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    Need Suggestions on Additional Equipment

    hhmmm... is "funner" a word or did i just make that up? i gotta get ot bed, its late.
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    Need Suggestions on Additional Equipment

    for your equipment- golf is a game of advancing the ball to your target (the hole). look at your clubs and divide them into 2 categories. 1. positioning clubs 2. scoring clubs what is the longest range club in your bag that you can confidently hit the green with? take that club and...
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    Need Suggestions on Additional Equipment

    when working on your putting- find the range at which the putt is no longer a "gimmie". for me its pretty much anything outside of 5 feet. when faced with a putt greater than this range, dont try to get the ball in the hole. you main concern is speed. imagine a trashcan sitting over the...
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    clutch shot of the week?

    even though he didnt pull the shot off and get into the playoff- fred funks 2nd at the 18th was incredible. for those who didnt watch- funk was 2 back going into the final hole, he needed to hole his approch from about 150yds or so to tie and get into the playoff. knowing this, he was going...
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    Is it just me.......

    dude...., dude...., ....check one dude. those 2 guys? kinda dumb. the ones i like right now are the golfsmith ones with the guys in the squirrel costums stealing balls and clubs.
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    demo lofts

    sorry, yes "bend" is refering to the bend-flex-kick points of the shafts. i have to get some pics of the shop once its done. im remodeling right now. i hate my website looking like a generic run of the mill shop site. i plan to put pics of the shop, my customers on the course, etc.... so i...
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    BangOmatic 401 12*

    being the type who prefers carry over roll, i decided to try this combination out. its the 401 "nancy" blue bang o matic, shafted with a mercury pro-kevlar inserted 2". the result has been a fairway seeking missle launcher. the 401 is a little smaller than the reg BOM (duh) and is forged...
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    Follow Up: fairway dilemma

    for giggles, measure the length on that bad boy. i had a friend bring his in for me to check out, after looking at them for a minute we noticed that they were way long (shaft wise) we ended up trimming the 2.5" and now he loves them.
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    demo lofts

    hey guys, im building some demos for the shop and need some ideas on what lofts i should do them in. heres what ive already go set up; bangenstein 9*, mid bend shaft, bangebstein 14*, high bend shaft BOM 12*, high bend shaft, BOM 10.5*, mid bend shaft. The ones not done are; nemesis...