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    Natural Golf

    natural golf promotes a baseball grip, widened stance, with weight more on the back foot than in more traditional methods. it seems to rely more on guiding the ball rather than striking through it.
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    Has anyone tried this?

    i viewed the site. i'm stupid. what the **** is it? stripe? stripe what? the ball? the tee? sorry; i curse.
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    How do you start your downswing?

    i slow my apex, both climax and release into the downwing[GOLF porn]. i start with the hips to move the shoulders. both are tightly integrated. [more golf porn]. for me, it is smooth and repeatable. sometimes i am ass [MORE golf porn].
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    Hogan's heros....floundering...

    i play hogan blades, but i'm wondering, exactly what is it [business practice??] that people don't like about calloway? the tone of this thread suggests calloway is the bad buy for succeeding.
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    Hogan's heros....floundering...

    hmmmm, i think the thread on this may be a bit miguided. are there any hogan people around? any developers, grinders, engineers, marketers, etc? does anything go with hogan other than the hogan name plus the existing product line? i play hogan clubs - the apex blades. they're my number...
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    And then there were 2

    hmmmm, and hit a club that god can't hit!!! you know, i think i'd like a 1 iron on a 2 iron length of shaft. shit, now you've got me thinking...... NO! i won't do it. i don't need the length. i will say that i do see the need for a fwood when you need to carry a far away object, like far...
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    And then there were 2

    this is a good and valid question, and i have only one response. i hate them. i hate a fwood. i can nail my long irons pretty good. i even use my 2iron several times per 9. but a fwood and i have never learned to get it on. i cannot get that consistent sweeping swing that the things seem...
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    And then there were 2

    i'm a long hitter. can't help it. when its good, its great. when its left or right, well, you know the drill. i'd trade my 320's for a reliable stable of 265's any day. if i could hit a 265 yard drive in the fairway on a consistent basis, i'd make a living at this game.
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    UST ProLaunch 65 Shaft

    wbl, i think that we have the same problem. i have, nike slingshots calloway x-14s ping ugly somethings henry hatton dtg-4s mizuno mp-30's hogan apex blades plus, numerous drivers, woods, wedges, putters, and everyf***ing thing else three times over, and i'm not done yet. i will prove that...
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    Club Weights

    ezra, you have too much goddamn time. you could've been playing golf....or drinking....or surfing porn.............
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    Better Player Irons

    i got a complete set of hogan apex blades from a pal-o-mine. very nice clubs. from checking out the site i don't see a full blade set anymore. didn't the hogan company sell out? i'm going to hit them until i wear'em out, or, until i find a set of mizz's at the right price.
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    [off topic] homohog

    i ROOT for the razorbacks. homohog cheers. there i a difference, i think.
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    [off topic] homohog

    this is a nice board. civility [not synonymous with piety] prevails, as does information and humor. i was thrust into a provocative battle on a recent college football board. my razorbacks are having some tough times. a few of the fan sites are very good, populated with some knowledgeable...
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    Bit of Advice?

    if you are new to the game, i.e., just started w/i the last few months, use your pw and a 52. in general you might want the 52 when there is less green than fringe. also, don't overlook the other irons around the green. if you have 8 feet of fringe and 50 feet of green, think 5 or 7 iron...
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    I am curious about the term "forgiveness"

    like forcing an entire person into a partucular political persuasion, golf clubs are equally ambigious. IN MY OPINION the thing to consider when choosing player' clubs [blades, or smaller headed forged clubs w/ a small carved cavity] or game improvement clubs [everything else] is the strength...
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    It's Club Championship weekend!!

    great report. at our club 4ball we have beer everywhere, and considering that budweiser is a sponsor, i mean beer is everywhere. you ain't GOTTA drink it, but, well, it is free and it is hot, and being a crammed full tourney there's plenty of standing time. i played another club's 4ball...
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    i'm keeping the mizzy 30's. i'll update the sig line, though.
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    i can't play with anyting but blades. i don't know whether this is good or bad. i guess it doesn't really matter.
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    forged cavity back choices

    henry hatton dtg-4. see diamondtourgolf.com
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    It's Club Championship weekend!!

    i upgraded from nike slingshots to game improvement clubs. i chose to play them for the first time in our club championhsip. you can imagine how badly i did. however, i like pain so this was my style. and it WAS painful. good luck.