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  1. benk

    Varsity Try Out

    Haven't had a 212, but a kid on our team [ somehow our coach let him on, and we are one of the top teams in the state ] shoots above 70 just about every time. Played with him once and he shot 83 [ this is in 9 holes ]. I actually consider it amazing, I mean the guy actually tries and still plays...
  2. benk

    Swing Vision-Tiger-Hogan comparisons

    Tiger doesn't have a 1 plane golf swing, in the sense of Hardy, or even Hogan. His swing isn't in the mold of Hogan's swing at all, though they do have their similaritys. Tiger's swing is much more timing based then Hogan's was. Hogan hit the ball better the harder he swung [ As a Hardy-ite, so...
  3. benk

    Anybody draw a line on their ball for putting?

    asdf I just use the pro v1 logo, or whatever ball you use logo. I also have a line on my 2 ball putter.
  4. benk

    What does the average weekend golfer score?

    It's sad that grown men can't be honest... But I guess I know where they get it from. Rather than our varsity team, just about everyone on there puts down scores 8 strokes lower than what they said. On one jv match I remember, the scores in the practice round were like 46, 48, 44, 46, 47. No one...
  5. benk

    Training aids "Good or Evil"

    LOL, I had no clue Sandpiper. But on the leadbetter side, I guess I won't get started. My problem with the swing setter is just getting it to cock on the backswing, but I guess if you can do that, it does help your tempo.
  6. benk

    Training aids "Good or Evil"

    asdf Training aid wise, my favorite is a mirror :). I guess I don't really have a whole lot in that area, but I do know that the swingsetter is a piece of junk unless your want to swing the leadbetter way.
  7. benk

    The Money Shot

    fasfd I just club down, and hit a punch iron. Goes low, fade or draw depending on whatever I want to hit, hops once and spins back to where it landed. Love it to death.
  8. benk

    Faldo Fails

    fasdf I thought the golf coverage on Gc was the best I've ever seen. Saying that, I thought Faldo was very entertaining, much better than the boring stuff of other broadcasters. I'm glad they got him. You just have to remember he's still getting better.
  9. benk

    Dropping the club into the slot?

    fasfd For a player that takes the club higher at the top of the backswing [ or a 2 planer ], he must somehow get it back to the "slot", or the optimum [ how should I say this!! ], I'll say plane back to the ball. If you don't [ I did this for awhile as a 2 planer ], you will come in too steep...
  10. benk

    Your Favorite Pro Swing?

    asdf Fred couples? Interesting choice. How is sergio's swing horrible? He is only one of the best ballstrikers in the world.
  11. benk

    Your Favorite Pro Swing?

    asdf I didn't mean results, I more meant her swing. It is not anything like it was before. It used to be a great golf swing, and it seems Lead has floored her with positions and such, and it no looks robotic, and thats just not my opinion. Also, her scores in the PGA events since going to Lead...
  12. benk


    asdf I haven't thrown a club in 2 years, and am proud of it [ though its fun!! ]. For me, golf is a game, and I play it to have fun, especially in Tournaments. When I practice [ chipping and putting, on the range ], is the only time I get close to doing anything drastic. When I play, I'm just...
  13. benk

    Your Favorite Pro Swing?

    adf I guess we could argue about this forever charnock. All I can say is, look at Michelle Wie. There was a huge discussion about this at this page. http://www.jimhardygolf.com/Forums/tabid/53/forumid/1/postid/5849/view/topic/tpage/1/Default.aspx Even though its on Jim's forum, it has...
  14. benk

    Golf Pride Grips

    sadf I happen to work in a golf shop, and we sell basically all of the golf pride grips. My favorite are the composite ones, that are red/black. They are the most expensive, but they are clearly, in my mind, the best grip. The tour wrap is a pretty good grip also. We have had no problems with...
  15. benk

    Your Favorite Pro Swing?

    asdf Dave, what did you mean by maintaining loft?
  16. benk

    The Plane Truth

    asdf It's going to feel awkward at first. Remeber what Hogan said in his book, the weirder your golf swing feels, the better it usually is [ or somethin along those lines ].
  17. benk

    The Plane Truth

    asdf I have changed my swing totally around the book, and have talked lots about it on the forums. I disagree that he has not said anything that has been said before, find me someone that has described the one plane swing. Don't say Ben Hogan, because if that description was more accurate, we...
  18. benk

    PGA tour coverage

    asdfs That sucks. I am lucky to have the Golf Channel, and I think the coverage is awesome!! Nick Faldo is hilarious, and they don't dabble so much anymore. I also like the swing sequences.
  19. benk

    Your Favorite Pro Swing?

    af Hogan and Snead for me. And you can throw in Els from the 90's BEFORE Lead got to him.
  20. benk

    Bunker Play

    asdf I'm not gonna talk technique with you, you have said you already have it. But I think of 3 things every time I hit a bunker shot. 1. Try to go to a full finish. This makes sure that you accellerate through the shot. I usually won't get there, but it does make sure I accellerate. 2. I...