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  1. papperlapub

    Finally: NEW Titleist 910 Driver: SWINGWEIGHT?

    Hi, I finally received my new Titleist 910 D3 Driver and what a beauty it is :) I bought it on ebay, but it took over a month until I got it, cause I ordered it with two shafts and Titleist did not deliver the 2nd shaft in time.... I went to my local pro shop who knows me well an he...
  2. papperlapub

    another golf rule to ponder

    I am very happy that Karlsson made his put, so either with or without the penalty Poulter would have lost. However, Poulter would of Course have had a different mind set when putting without the penalty in his head and he might have done the put. This was still a difficult put to make for...
  3. papperlapub

    iPad thread

    I have an iPad and I'm loving it. It depends a lot though on your expectations - as many have already pointed out, it does not replace a laptop and it is not well suited to write long documents either. However, because it is so light and small, you can always have it with you. This is...
  4. papperlapub

    Your first eagle?

    My first eagle was eleven years ago, nice drive, nice 3-wood, then chipped in from fringe. never forget that feeling. I don't know how many eagles I did over the years, but this season i made 5. Never an HIO though...
  5. papperlapub

    Working in Golf?

    That's true and it makes it so much harder to decide... regarding the comment of bigjim13. I know it sounds cool and that I have to very cautios. I do have time to figure this out, but I dont intend to rush into something with very naive eyes, it has to be very convincing and solid, but...
  6. papperlapub

    Working in Golf?

    Alrighty, a little more serious thread, sorry 'bout that. My biggest passion is and has always been golf (after my girlfriend of Course ;)) and I have been thinking a lot about ways how I could make a living in this area. I am a mech. engineer but been working in the financial sector for...
  7. papperlapub

    Let's Talk Driver Shafts

    Just wondering, If you didn't consider the money aspect, would your recommendations be any different? Are those High prices shafts really any better and if yes, which ones? How much better is better? /Pub
  8. papperlapub


    I have been wearing contactlenses since i am 16 (i'm 29 in a month, so do the math), could not think living without them, especially on the golf course. I do (especially in tournaments) have a spare pare of emergency glasses with me, but I have never had the need to use them, luckily...
  9. papperlapub

    Ryder Cup picks

    When are Pavin's picks published, this week, arent they?
  10. papperlapub

    Anyone else just LOSE it after making the turn?

    Played a tournament on sunday: out with 37 - three bogies and two birdies (and I did not even put very well) in - 44 (I just lost it a little bit on all parts of the game (even two three putts and 3 lost balls....)) I was right in contention and then threw it away....really bothers me now
  11. papperlapub

    is my driver R & A Conform

    i saw it on their homepage too, so i was not too concerned about the grip, but how is it with the lead tape, is there a limitation? thanks for your help
  12. papperlapub

    is my driver R & A Conform

    Hi guys, I switched the grip on my taylormad R9 driver to a "Full Release Grip" and I also put 6 stripes of lead tape on the bottom of the driver... I was just out on the driving range and that THING was just not earthly.... I am playing a competition on sunday and was now wondering if...
  13. papperlapub

    Funniest Look on Guys Face

    It was definitely one of the funniest days in golf. Especially, before the first tee, i just prayed (and im not religious) "please dont embarrass yourself too much..... it was the second time i holed out from 80 yards, so its not that often....
  14. papperlapub

    Funniest Look on Guys Face

    Ok, wanted to tell a story, but it is a little longer: I went to play some golf in turkey in the beginning of this year. But I had the yanks. Either I hit a really good shot, or I shanked the ball...Really frustrating. So normally I play off the back tees but the swing really felt off, so I...
  15. papperlapub

    Changing Golf Grips

    sorry, what do you mean by "pich the tip of the grip slightly" ? You mean I should not use a grip installer at all?
  16. papperlapub

    Changing Golf Grips

    You were right, I had to learn. Fixed the second one in 10 minutes (I know it's not fast, but still it's on). The only problem I had was to get the grip installer off under the grip, once the grip was on....I don't think I will use one of these the next time.... Thanks all for the tips :)
  17. papperlapub

    Changing Golf Grips

    OKEJ, THIS IS A LITTLE EMBARRASING, BUT I CANNOT NOT TELL YOU: I showed it to a friend of mine, who changes his grips frequently and he told me that I forgot to pull off the plastic film of one side of the tape..................
  18. papperlapub

    Changing Golf Grips

    Hi, here what happened last night: got me a vice, clamped it to my desk in my bedroom, my girlfriend wasn't too happy, but we live in only 65 sqm, so I had to put it somewhere... Got rid of the old grip easily, also of the old tape, scratched it off and used taperemover solution to get off...
  19. papperlapub

    Changing Golf Grips

    Thanks a lot for the info, I just heard about those little rubber blocks, do you know where to get them? Somebody also told me about a special knife to get the old tape off the shaft, somebody heard about that?
  20. papperlapub

    Changing Golf Grips

    Thanks a lot for the tip... haven't actually thought about how to secure the club, though I could do it freehanded... I am trying a winn G8 on a wedge and a Golf Pride Full Cord on my driver....but this is only the beginning :)