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  1. lamebums

    what did you shoot today?

    Yep. Had a little too much fun with the golf cart too, in the morning dew. You know, drifting and such.
  2. lamebums

    Lost balls?

    Summers during and after high school a couple buddies of mine and I would play this goat track called Sugar Bay, somewhere between Cincinnati and Louisville. Real easy to lose a ball in the rough/cabbage patch/farmer's fields there. Combine the fact that none of us could break 120 plus more than...
  3. lamebums

    what did you shoot today?

    First post here in a year or so. Probably because it's the first time this year I've managed to get out and play. I think I went the entire month of January without even picking up a golf club. Went out without a practice round or a bucket of bulls beforehand and fired off a 71. On a par 3...
  4. lamebums

    This about sums it up

    Hi nututhugame-- This is the story of my life. I haven't been able to hit my driver for what is about to become two seasons. I was spraying my 3 wood all over the place this year (and still don't trust it in tighter areas). Then I get the 3 wood working right, and I'm pulling all my irons...
  5. lamebums

    Suddenly have a bad slice and loss of distance please help???

    Hi Jason-- Without seeing a video of your swing (either online or in person), I would surmise you're opening up the clubface at impact. This can be caused either by your grip weakening itself, or possibly you're using too much of your right arm to muscle the ball through impact. To rule out...
  6. lamebums

    105º F in Wisconsin?

    Hi all-- It was about a million degrees yesterday in a weekly league. On the drive down, the car said it was 104 outside. I got one of those super-gulp 44oz specials from Speedway for 99 cents and it was gone in three holes. Refilled it with water from coolers every 2-3 holes after that...
  7. lamebums

    Your most embarrassing shot.

    Hi all-- I'll just let this scorecard do the talking. Keep in mind that this league stops counting strokes at double par - in this case, no more than 8 per hole. :D It was no help that the sprinkler went off right under my @$$ while I was lining up an approach shot on #11. :(
  8. lamebums

    Gettin' old... And my bag shows it!!!

    Hi limpalong-- Every real man knows the only way to play golf is to truly and honestly-to-God man up. Hit from the tips every time. 1 and 2 iron off every tee, preferably a non-cavity backed club. Extra-stiff shaft. And a good high-compression ball. :) In all seriousness, if you can find a...
  9. lamebums

    Your most embarrassing shot.

    I've had two this year already. #13 at The Practice Center in Franklin Ohio. It's a Par 3 course, and the hole is 167 yards, so I pull the 7 iron. Proceed to $hank it, ball bends way right, OB, over the cabbage patch... and on down I-75. A second later, I heard the unmistakable squeal of...
  10. lamebums

    Very humble now

    This sounds familiar. Once in a great while (it seems like about once a round or so), the old man pulls out this heroic shot from nowhere. He'll hit a ball, hit a turtle, ricochet across the cart path, get picked up by a hawk, gt dropped on the green ten feet from the hole, and then a mighty...
  11. lamebums

    Very humble now

    Finally got out for the first time in 2012 on Wednesday. Played at Twin Oaks with the old man and two of his buddies. And boy, did I get my butt kicked. I'm pretty sure I didn't have a single decent tee shot with my 3 wood the entire day. I kept getting way ahead of myself, and the result...
  12. lamebums

    The USGA is encouraging golfers to tee it forward

    Don't jinx yourself. You might have used up all your good shots in 2012 in one day :D
  13. lamebums

    Tiger Woods '12 anyone?

    You know, I come back after a long winter and school-imposed hiatus and what do I see but the thread that I ignominiously misspelled all those months ago?
  14. lamebums

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    A big fat 100 at Kittyhawk, with 54 putts. Talk about some serious parking lots, I had a hard time sticking even wedges to those greens.
  15. lamebums

    "That Hole"

    And there, you've described my problem. It's just close enough for my inner Tin Cup to attempt the shot if I've hit a decent drive. Which usually results in something like this: "Give me another ball." The logical shot is, of course, to hit a short iron over to the other part of the fairway...
  16. lamebums

    "That Hole"

    I figured I'd be better off posting Google screencaps like WBL did: And just to prove my point about the second shot...
  17. lamebums

    "That Hole"

    Everybody's got at least one hole they've played that absolutely gives them fits time and again. What's yours? Mine has always been #18 at Fox Run, one of my three home courses. 542 yards from the back tees, 518 from the ones I usually play. You tee off across a valley to the fairway which runs...
  18. lamebums

    WTF is wrong

    Seconded. I highly approve. (Upon showing this to a female 'friend' who happens to be bi, she also highly approves. Or in her words, 'I'd buy it for a dollar'.) :D
  19. lamebums

    The ugliest nine holes ever.

    The funny part about it all is that despite scoring a 46, I still beat the guy I was playing against (who scored 43) because it was match play. He was, to his credit, a LOT more consistent than I'll ever be. EDIT: I suppose I could answer your question - yeah, I carded a big fat ugly 8 there...
  20. lamebums

    Tiger Woods '12 anyone?

    I bumped into this while looking into whether or not a new version was coming out (I am in the process of installing '08 on this computer as I type). It comes out September 6. This caught my eye. :wow::wow::wow: