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  1. FKA19

    hey, it's been a while

    Hey guys, I haven't been on in a while. I've just been busy with school, football, work and lifting to get much of a chance to get on here. I've got a bit more time now that football season is over, so i'll be back more often. So anyways, what's been going on here recently? Who's ho'ing the...
  2. FKA19

    Tour Burner

    Firstly, it's dead ugly at address. Secondly, it feels really dead, and spins too much.
  3. FKA19

    The 300+ yard Dude

    Come up here and see it happen from a 15 yr old :p
  4. FKA19


    golfwrx bodybuilding shottalk golfreview ottawagolf hockeyforums footballforum torontogolfnuts ... and probly more that i forgot.
  5. FKA19

    Can you out drive the LPGA Ave Drive 279yds.

    with ease :canadafla
  6. FKA19

    Awful quite around here regarding the NHL Playoffs

    I'm quiet because I'm a sens fan..... :(
  7. FKA19

    Ogio Nexos stand bag

    Sucker. I'm playing Saturday :beach3:
  8. FKA19

    Reshaft R7 425

    It's straight up .350
  9. FKA19


    haha Sssmokin... lmao
  10. FKA19

    You Might Be a Club Hoe if.............

    Yeah, we've been through this haha
  11. FKA19

    Whoah there, Maltbyisms........

    only on this board... haha
  12. FKA19

    You Know...

    if you wanna do head only, let me know..
  13. FKA19

    question for my canadian friends

    where in canada are you heading ? edit. it's your father, not you
  14. FKA19

    Comfortable shoes

    Me (and MG) sport these badboys: http://ec1.images-amazon.com/images/I/41GHPBBDC4L._SS400_.jpg gotta love em...
  15. FKA19

    Taylormade QuadTP Speeder

    Intersted in a Geek DCT 12* with a Blueboard 83X ? With this set up it will play like a 10* or less. In good overall shape. Crown is mint. LMK man...
  16. FKA19

    Spent 3 hours at Golftown over the Easter weekend

    sure do. they go long and straight though
  17. FKA19


    I'd scratch that one off. It's total junk IMO
  18. FKA19

    Spent 3 hours at Golftown over the Easter weekend

    Did you look at the X speed Cobra L4V ? I know the F and M versions are closed, but the X speed was dead square for me when I hit it yesterday.
  19. FKA19

    Reshafting issues

    Ez, I thought you would know enough to know that the only .350 Diamanas are the 63G Blueboards made for the R7425. BTW, in my opinion, Diamanas look much better logo down.
  20. FKA19


    I hit this thing (LV4) on a vector today and it's a total monster. I hit the X speed 9.0* as well and I loved it. I was swinging 108-112 and bombing it. Launch of 14.5 combined with 3800 RPM made for huge carries of 275-280. I hit a few on the simulator as well to see the ballflight and it was...