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  1. artfulgolfer

    Rory McIlroy!!

    I think it's a little silly to give flomarilius a timeout just for having a chip on his shoulder and sharing how he really feels, regardless of how immature or politically incorrect. However, judging Rory based only on what he's wearing is pretty silly too. For all we know, all the people in his...
  2. artfulgolfer

    finally broke eighty

    congratulations! the key to repeating that success is not "trying" to... like birdies, those sub-80 rounds seem to happen most when you don't try to force it.
  3. artfulgolfer

    US Open...Who are you picking to win?

    Woody or Zack would be a nice surprise.
  4. artfulgolfer

    Pre-shot routine? do you Visualise?

    Just read this by David Cook... "Your muscles work off of images sent from the eyes. Your muscles will hit the shot, but like a pilot in the fog, they can only respond to the information you send to them. The most powerful information is an image, a picture. A good picture produces feel and feel...
  5. artfulgolfer

    Stack and Tilt

    This article has received a ton of response... I was paying for a round yesterday at the pro shop and overheard this guy going on and on about how he's now hitting longer and straighter and breaking 80 because he's adopted the stack and tilt swing. Here's a lively thread at Geoff Shackelford's...
  6. artfulgolfer

    Sick of playing in the wind

    same thing here on the California Central Coast... never been so windy for so long! Ocean temps are 2-3 degrees cooler than normal here, creating lots of wind. Have to admit, it's making me a better player. No longer intimidated by strong winds and gusts.
  7. artfulgolfer

    Pre-shot routine? do you Visualise?

    My game totally depends on visualization. I avoid any kind of preshot routine. If you think about it, after millions of years of evolution, human bodies are quite capable of doing something as simple as hitting a stationary ball. Visualization works to communicate to your body exactly what you...
  8. artfulgolfer

    How hard is it?

    imho, if you're good enough for the tour, you wouldn't be asking us how hard it is ;) when your index gets to +6, you might have a small chance if you've already had "huge" success in college and/or on the mini-tours. If you're good enough, I think you'd already know it.
  9. artfulgolfer

    Trouble hitting off turf mats?

    I NEVER hit off mats. I took up the game 7 years ago and quit after 3 months after getting a bad case of tendonitis from hitting off mats. Even after quitting, the tendonitis lasted 2.5 years. I finally tried golf again 2 years ago and have been playing tendonitis-free ever since, by avoiding...
  10. artfulgolfer

    I swear this game can make you crazy!!!

    actually, the chances of making a 5 footer are only about 50%. Maybe it'll go in next time ;). I have JasonMcIsaac's problem, hitting lots of GIR, but 3 putting. Yesterday I hit 14 GIR and 12 FW, but missed 8 putts from w/i 5 feet (4 from 2 feet) to shoot 80! The round before I shot 75 w/ 4...
  11. artfulgolfer

    How long before you broke 100/90/80/70

    Started playing regularly 2 years ago. Played weekly my first year. Broke 90 the first month. Broke 80 in 4 months, but didn't do so regularly for over a year. Started playing twice a week my 2nd year and have now shot several 71-73 rounds, but never broken 70. My goal is to break 70 before 3...
  12. artfulgolfer

    Wanting to get good at golf

    I started 2 years ago at 46 years old... I didn't take any lessons, but read books to learn about stance and grip. I found it much more helpful to concentrate more on where I wanted to hit the ball than on "how" to get it there. Our bodies are quite capable of swinging a club and hitting a...
  13. artfulgolfer

    What to do during a slow round?

    imho, the problem will never be solved. Marshalls take their job to get free golf and courses pack as many players out per day as possible. You just have to consider yourself lucky when you pick a day when things are moving. If you decide to play in any kind of tournament, you know you're in for...
  14. artfulgolfer

    The bunkers from hell

    I have to share the bunker story of a golfer playing in our club championship a couple years ago - good golfer, about a 2 handicap. He got into the deep and dreadful bunker guarding #12 at our local club (I've been in 5 times and never gotten out in 1). It took him so many swings to get out...
  15. artfulgolfer

    wow, what a differentce!!!

    I've honestly never played a course with a slope as low as 110. The courses I play here at home have a slope of 134, 136, and 137. Like Bravo mentioned, this really helps your game "travel" well. Playing a variety of courses instead of going around and around on the same track help you...
  16. artfulgolfer

    Bay Area golf

    It's not too far to visit the Central Coast either. We have some great affordable golf just a few hours south of you... See San Luis Obispo California Central Coast Golf Courses, Wineries, Real Estate, Hotels.
  17. artfulgolfer

    What to do during a slow round?

    I can't say I "like" slow rounds, but like sandpiper, I've learned to play well playing slow. I learned the hard way though. I was playing with a friend as a twosome and got behind a slow foursome on the 4th hole. My friend is very impatient and I let his attitude effect mine. We became pretty...
  18. artfulgolfer

    What to do during a slow round?

    Thanks Cypressperch, although everyone seems to have found clever ways to make slow rounds tolerable and even constructive, I'd rather see everyone learn to just pick a target and swing the damn club. I am planning to get a hacky sack though since things will probably never change ;).
  19. artfulgolfer

    Do you have a swing thought?

    I focus on the target and visualize the intended flight path and try to maintain a connection to the target throughout the swing. The more precise the target and better the focus, the better the shot. I try to play golf like I play other sports. I don't have pre-shot routines or thoughts to...
  20. artfulgolfer

    Tiger...friend or foe?????

    Interesting... this thread is making Tiger the most talked about player at the Masters on this forum - just like the media is doing! Congratulations Zack!